How To Create An Organized And Functional Kitchen

How To Create An Organized And Functional Kitchen

In many modern homes, the kitchen is more than a cooking area. It can be an eating area, family gathering spot, a place to host guests, among several other activities. This makes it a good idea to keep your kitchen well-organized. Statistics indicate that 25.8% of contemporary kitchen designs follow this trend. Remember that a functional kitchen eases the purpose for which it was designed. That said, here are some tips to create an organized kitchen.

1. Create continuity

The art of creating continuity in the kitchen rides on the back of establishing a seamless flow in this area. As evidence of this, many modern homes design their kitchens with open floor plans. It explains why several contemporary kitchens can be seen easily from the living room. Fortunately, there are no restricting walls that keep you physically separated from other parts of the home. Again, continuity allows easy and convenient movements from the kitchen to other interior areas.

The kitchen continuity trend has been around for a while, especially when homeowners and interior designers saw the need to maximize space. Therefore, homeowners dealing with smaller floor plans adopted the continuity technique for decades.

2. Maintain functionality of your kitchen appliances

A contemporary kitchen is not complete without appliances. The blender, microwave oven, coffee maker, etc., are appliances that help make the kitchen functional and organized. Indeed, as expected of machines and electronics, they can develop faults at any time and quite often, without prior warning. The truth is, in many cases, the only repair needed is an internal component replacement. When this is done, your appliance often returns to its normal function. Fortunately, you can find online appliance spares for your faulty kitchen machines.

3. Organize the garbage

Many households find it useful to organize their garbage. In other words, things to be recycled are separated from trash meant for compost purposes. This is very helpful in modern kitchens as it helps you become more environmentally conscious. Recycling and compost-making are essential parts of trash separation. More importantly, it forms a crucial part of keeping your kitchen well-organized and functional. The exciting bit about keeping these two separated is the convenience. For example, if your compost smell starts to get offensive, all you do is take that specific bin out of the kitchen.

To make your garbage organization more efficient, you will need a separate pullout drawer to keep your separate bins. Additionally, it would be a great idea to color-code your garbage bins for easy identification. In many households, the green bin is reserved for compost purposes.

4. Keep smaller appliances off the counter

The first impression a guest will have of your kitchen is the appearance of your counter or workspace. If it’s cluttered or filled with several small appliances, it can take away from the overall beauty and functionality of your workspace. For this reason, what can work best is to keep smaller appliances away from sight. A storage cabinet that opens up like a garage door can make a difference in creating an organized and functional kitchen.

Another option to try out is to invest in smaller appliances designed with an integrated-panel option. This can eliminate the cluttered appearance small appliances tend to create on countertops.

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