The Most Popular Types of Kitchen Cabinets: A Helpful Guide

The Most Popular Types of Kitchen Cabinets: A Helpful Guide

Since remodeling a regular kitchen costs and average of $150 per square foot, you’re likely very concerned with getting the best bang for your buck. After all, you want a style that will still be looking great many, many years into the future and appliances that will still be functioning at top quality for a long time.

One of the most important parts of your kitchen renovations is selecting the right cabinet styles for your room. You want to get something durable and functional while still looking great and matching the decor. There are so many considerations that you’re probably wondering where to even begin!

Luckily, we’re here to talk to you today about some of the most popular types of kitchen cabinets out there. Read on to learn more and gain a greater understanding of what styles are best for you!


Traditional kitchen cabinets from kitchen installers canberra are a classic for a reason- they go great with pretty much any style of interior decor. These cabinets are almost always made out of wood and generally come in a variety of wood hues from sturdy oak to rustic red. If you prefer, you can also get traditional cabinets that have been spray-painted in white, black, or gray.

What sets traditional cabinet styles apart from others is the level of detail that they feature. Traditional cabinets usually have geometric frames around the border of each door. They tend to be made up of raised-panel designs that give them a classic feel.


If you want something a little more modern, shaker style cabinets may be right for you. These cabinet styles are popular today because they follow the common interior decor trend of minimalism, bringing to light the idea that less is more. Shaker cabinets are simple and functional above all else, featuring flat panels as well as metal rail frames and handles.

The coolest thing about shaker cabinets is that they can pair with pretty much any interior decor style. Because they’re so simple, they won’t take the focus off your funky lamps or marble countertops. They’ll still match and blend in with anything you have around them, though!


If you’re interested in getting a modern vibe going in your kitchen, contemporary cabinets are the right choice for your needs. They’re generally made out of simple wood, metal, or plastic and lay entirely flat against your counter. The lack of molding eliminates the fuss of heavy decorating, giving your kitchen a cleaner and sleeker look than other cabinet styles offer.

Not only does the flatness and lack of molding on cabinets look great, but it also is incredibly practical. Contemporary cabinets are like a Tardis- bigger on the inside. Not needing to worry about molding being in the way allows you to have more functional storage space, making contemporary styles perfect for smaller kitchens.


If you’re an outdoorsy sort of person, rustic cabinets might be the best way for you to express yourself in your kitchen decor. These styles are generally associated with the mountain or country lifestyle and use natural, imperfect wood.

The appeal of these cabinets is in the way that they give off a feel of the perfectly imperfect outdoors. The wood feels authentic when left knotted, matte, and rugged. Not only that, but the woods usually come in darker hues than those that have been buffed and shined, which gives you the opportunity to match different styles of flooring and countertops.


2020 is the year of #throwbacks, meaning that pretty much all aspects of interior decor, fashion, and artistic design are going retro. If it could have been seen in a 60s, 70s, or 80s design studio, then it’s being brought back this year. Kitchens are no exception, and retro designs are super in right now.

If you’re aiming for a retro-style kitchen, there are specific types of cabinets you should be using in conjunction with your pastel tone appliances and checkerboard floors. Consider cabinets in classy colors like lemon yellow and sky blue. You can also make the cabinets and backsplash of your kitchen match the checkerboard style of your flooring, giving your kitchen the perfect overall retro feel.


If you want to go back in time a bit further to the 1800s, Craftsman-style cabinets are a great choice. These cabinets are very simple and, like traditional cabinets, have raised-panel designs and incorporate geometric shapes. Generally, they’re made of heavier woods than traditional cabinetry, though- heavy oak, maple, and hickory are the most common woods that a Craftsman cabinet may be made from.

Also unlike traditional cabinets, Craftsman ones will never be painted white, black, gray, or any other color. Instead, they’ll be polished and kept in their natural wood state to give your kitchen a high-class look. Combine this with a minimalist style, and voila! A perfect recipe for your kitchen’s decor.

More on Types of Kitchen Cabinets

While renovating your home can be a challenge, choosing new kitchen cabinets doesn’t have to be. All you need to do is a little research and you’ll find the perfect cabinets to match your decor.

Now that you know the best types of kitchen cabinets for your home remodel, it’s time to learn more about the best home interior trends going into the new decade. Check out the search function on our home page to look up any rooms or aspects of your home renovations that you may want more information on.

Good luck with installation and have fun with your kitchen renovations!

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