Why Does Your Kitchen Remodel Look Tired Already?

Why Does Your Kitchen Remodel Look Tired Already?

With the average kitchen remodel costing anywhere between $7,000 and $140,000, any homeowner who embarks on this pursuit is likely hoping for results that will last. Unfortunately, while a kitchen remodel can look great when it’s first unveiled, the practical and often heavy usage of most kitchen spaces means that this wow factor doesn’t always last.


In fact, if you aren’t careful, your hard-earned kitchen reno could quickly start looking like the most tired room in the house all over again. In this instance, fast action is always required, and it most often comes down to considering reasons like the following as to why your renovation looks like it wants to go to bed already. 

# 1 – It needs a little tweaking

It’s astounding how many of us design kitchens in theory and then never once return to iron out the practicalities of those plans. Unfortunately, this sometimes haphazard approach can lead to a range of kitchen design mistakes that can really compromise appearances. Even something simple like getting your cupboard space wrong could see you with stuff scattered all over your sides again within weeks, while a crammed in island won’t exactly look fresh for long. Obviously, returning to the drawing board throughout the reno process would be the best way to avoid this, but if your kitchen renovation is already complete, don’t be afraid to call back your builders to address issues like these that arise throughout usage before they take too severe a toll. 

# 2 – You aren’t on top with care

Kitchen renovations often mean new materials and features to look after, many of which may require special care. Fail to get on top with this, and even your shiny new granite worktops could soon suffer from water stains and other issues that require professional granite repair before they can return to their original glory. As well as harming the appearance of your brand new kitchen, this can very quickly add to your overall renovation bill and is something you need to avoid by simply researching these materials from installation onwards. Specifically, make sure you’re stocking up on the right cleaning products, and that you know all about things like the need to clean spills and polish surfaces however many times a week to avoid damage. 

# 3 – You haven’t made the most of the space

There’s unlikely to be anything refreshing about your new kitchen if you put everything back exactly as it was. You may even fail to benefit from additions like islands and improved cupboard layouts this way, which is why you lastly need to take some time learning how to benefit from your new kitchen. You certainly shouldn’t shy away from playing around with your new cupboards, and even experimenting with things like hanging pans over your island, or spice racks that keep things far neater for a whole lot longer.

If you don’t want your kitchen renovation to look ready for the scrap heap just a few months after installation, always look out for these mistakes during usage.

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