Did you know that there are 200 different mosquito species in the United States? Some species can transmit life-threatening diseases like Zika and West Nile virus. There’s also the potentially lethal Dengue virus that comes from mosquitoes.

If you’re in an area with temperatures that mosquitoes thrive in, it might be dangerous.

But there are ways to get rid of mosquitoes!

We compiled some methods you can rely on. These methods ensure that your home is as inhospitable to them as possible. Read on and find out more:

1. Tip Containers with Water

All mosquitoes will lay their eggs in water. They only need a little, so you must reduce or get rid of standing water. It’s your first move if you want to get rid of mosquitoes in your home.

Take note, a plant saucer containing half-an-inch of water is enough for mosquito reproduction. The eggs will turn into adults within 8-10 days. Make it a daily habit to dump out stagnant water from items like dog bowls, birdbaths, and plant saucers.

You should flip over other containers like wading pools and buckets if you aren’t using them. That way, they won’t fill up with water from the rain and other sources.

2. Scrap Junk and Other Unneeded Items

Your lifestyle might be the reason mosquito habitats are close to your home. If your yard has some unnecessary items that can hold water, toss them out. Aside from the potential water they can hold, they also give a warmer, sheltered environment for mosquitoes to thrive.

If you have a swing made of a tire, drill a hole in the bottom. That ensures that the water won’t stay inside it. The best time to do this assessment is after heavy rain since you’ll see whether the item can hold enough water for mosquito breeding.

3. Clean Your Gutters, Mow the Lawn and Fix Screens

Gutters might have some debris that clogs it after winter. That’s why you must clean them, along with your downspouts. That way, you can prevent the water from pooling and making it a perfect spot for a new mosquito nest.

Always check your window and door screens. Look for holes and get it fixed as soon as possible. If you don’t, mosquitoes will use it to enter your home.

Inspect your home foundations for any stray weeds that grow near it. Pull them out and mow your lawn to a low height whenever possible. All these will contribute to making your yard uninhabitable for mosquitoes while keeping it neat.

4. Treat Undrainable Water

Mosquitoes thrive in still or stagnant water. That’s why you must chlorinate your swimming pool and maintain filters for the fountains. Make sure it runs regularly since it discourages mosquitoes from laying their eggs.

Water in fish ponds, ditches, and rain barrels should have mosquito dunks. With a size of a quarter, this dunk releases Bti, a natural larvicide. It only kills the mosquito larvae, leaving fish, birds, and other animals unharmed.

Mosquito dunks are also easy to get since they’re available at home centers. Their average price is around $10 for a pack of six. This is enough to kill larvae for a month, provided that there are only 100 square feet of stagnant water.

5. Treat Your Yard

You can buy sprays and granules for insect control from garden supply and hardware stores. It’s effective if you think your yard has a bad mosquito infestation. But only use this if needed.

These sprays aren’t good for frequent use since they have pyrethrins and pyrethroids. The former acts as a natural pesticide extracted from chrysanthemums. It’s toxic and can irritate your skin with direct contact.

Regardless, pyrethrins can get rid of various pests, like mosquitoes and ticks. But they can also kill beneficial insects like honeybees and ladybugs. That’s why you should pick a calm day when spraying since it reduces the drift.

Another alternative is to use a garlic solution spray for your outdoor plants. The diluted garlic serves as a mosquito repellant. It’s easy to make since you only need to boil a few cloves of garlic in water.

6. Attract Natural Predators

Mosquitoes have a lot of predators, so encourage birds and bats to make your backyard their home. For example, Purple Martins are popular mosquito predators. These birds enjoy eating mosquitos and other insects.

Aside from these animals, keep any spiders on your property safe. They might trigger some primal fear instinct, but they help reduce the mosquito population. They’re one of the primary critters that prey on mosquitoes.

7. Get a Professional Mosquito Exterminator

If you’re not sure how to handle a mosquito infestation by yourself, it’s time to call in the experts. These people handle pests daily, so they have years of experience. They know the best methods for mosquito treatment while knowing where the breeding grounds are.

Some DIY treatments often won’t completely eradicate an infestation. A professional mosquito control service will most likely give a permanent treatment for the infestation. You don’t even need to be at home during the treatment.

Also, hiring professionals is a safer route. They’re capable and experienced, allowing them to wipe out both adult mosquitoes and their larvae without harming you or your yard. With that, your entire property will be mosquito-free since there’s no way for them to breed.

Modern companies also stopped using blowers since it can harm your yard’s flora and fauna. That ensures your yard won’t be susceptible to future infestations. If you’re getting an exterminator, make sure they won’t put your yard at risk by using mosquito blowers.

Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Your Home Today!

These are some of the best tips to get rid of mosquitoes on your property. Follow them to ensure that these potentially dangerous insects won’t find any purchase in your home. To get rid of them for good, try calling in the experts instead.

Did you find this guide informative? If so, take the time to read some of our other guides and learn more useful tips and tricks today.