It’s a common problem that many residents face, particularly in the winter. Mice and rats are looking for shelter from the cold, and in their eyes, our houses make the perfect little homes. 

However, the feelings are not reciprocated, and having a rodent infestation can cause big problems for residents. These rodents not only damage houses, but they also spread illnesses, and can bring parasites into the house. 

Seal Up Potential Entry Points

If you see or hear any signs of rodents in your house, then you should look to call in an expert for help with the problem. Pest control San Diego will locate the rodents and remove them from your home. 

Rats and mice will find weaknesses in your house’s exterior and gnaw their way inside to find a warm place to make a home. Once the rodents find a way into your house, they’re much more difficult to deal with, so it’s a good idea to start with an inspection of your house. 

Check for holes and gaps in your foundations, siding, roofing, doors, and windows, and patch up anything you can find. Remember that these creatures are extremely adept at squeezing through tiny gaps, so make sure you’re plugging any holes you can find. 

Remove Outdoor Food and Water Sources

Try and keep your yard free of outdoor food sources for the rodents that might attract them towards the house. Pet dishes, bird feeders, and garbage bins that are easy to get into all attract rodents towards your house, where they might decide to take a home.

Likewise, rodents are always seeking water to drink, and bird baths, and small pools of water are perfect for them. Make sure your drainage is working effectively, and you don’t have water collecting in empty plant pots. 

Avoid effectively inviting them inside your home by removing food and water sources from your yard. 

Limit Food and Water Sources Inside

Try to make it as difficult as possible for rodents to access food and water within your house. Keep food in airtight containers that are difficult to chew through, and make sure you’re not leaving food out in the open. 

Take garbage out regularly and often, and double check you don’t have leaky faucets, where rodents can get an easy drink. These creatures are experts at finding food and water, but you can try and limit their opportunities and make your home a less attractive place for them to live. 

Give Them Nowhere to Hide 

If you do get rodents in your house, then you want to spot them as soon as possible, before they start to breed and become a bigger problem. You will most likely hear these creatures before you see them, but it can help to keep your house as uncluttered as possible to give them nowhere to hide. 

To avoid escalation of the problem, call in the experts at the first sign of rodents, and fix the issue before it worsens. 

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