How To Help Your Child When They’re Homesick At College

How To Help Your Child When They’re Homesick At College

Sending your child off to college is a watershed time in their lives and yours. It’s heartbreaking and exhilarating all at the same time, and everything changes for both you and them. Even the most level-headed and confident of children may experience homesickness from time to time, and they might phone you or send an email to let you know. Here are some suggestions about how you might help your child when that message comes. Not only will it make them feel better, but you’ll feel good knowing you can do something for them, even when they’re far away from home. 

How To Help Your Child When They’re Homesick At College

Stay At Home 

It’s normal to imagine that you should instantly get in your car or book a trip to be with your child if they are homesick. This, however, could be a terrible idea. Even if they are pleased to see you when you leave again, they might feel much worse, not to mention the shame you will feel for not being able to help as much as you had intended to.  

It’s a lot better to contact them daily – at first, and we will talk about this more later on – or even video call them and allow them to adjust to their new surroundings without you there. This is their moment to mature and become responsible, and if they are alone, they will find it much easier to do so. Knowing you are easy to reach, however, will help them feel more confident in doing so. 

 Send A Care Package

Sending a care package instead of going to the school yourself is actually an excellent method to alleviate your child’s homesickness. You’ll be pleased that you’re doing something beneficial, and your child will be delighted to get the goods you’ve sent. They’ll remind them of home and show that you care. You might include the following items in a care package:

 Homemade dishes including their favorites that they can just heat up and enjoy. You could even try this recipe for lava cake and surprise them with a sweet homemade treat.

  • Grocery store coupons 
  • Photos 
  • Music 
  • Magazines

 Include things that can be shared since this can help your kid break the ice and start chatting to other college attendees who live nearby or even share a room with them.

 Encourage Friendship

Of course, there will be a part of you that enjoys (to a degree) the idea that your kid misses you and their home, but now is not the time to be selfish, and you must let that child do their own thing. They will feel a lot less lonely if they can make new friends sooner rather than later. Remind them every time you speak to them that they should be getting to know as many people as possible. Keeping to themselves will not make them feel better, and they should attempt new things whenever possible.

 Don’t Be In Touch So Often 

You’ll probably be phoning or messaging every day at first, maybe several times a day. Reduce the number of times you contact your child as time goes on. This will help both you and your kid adjust to the reality that your child is no longer living at home.

 It might be tough to resist the impulse, but if you wait until there is important news or you have something to say, it will be much better for everyone and allow your child the chance to settle in much better. 

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