Why you should study a Health Science degree

Why you should study a Health Science degree

If you’re in the process of choosing a college program, you might be a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of different programs available. Even if you have a specific area you want to go into, such as health, that doesn’t always make the choice that much easier. With many different pathways and career options in the health sector, it can be confusing to know which is the right degree program for you. A good choice would be a Bachelor of Science in Health Science, which will give you a good grounding knowledge while allowing you to specialize further on in your career. Here are some other reasons why you should study a Health Science degree. 

  • Provides a good grounding knowledge in healthcare issues

As part of a Health Science program, you will study healthcare, health promotion, and disease prevention, including theory in the natural, behavioral, and social sciences. As well as gaining a well-rounded knowledge in healthcare theory and practice, you will also learn leadership and communication skills. This will prepare you for working with other medical professionals and communicating with patients and their families in your future career.

  • Opens up a lot of job opportunities

You might be wondering, what jobs can I get with a Health Science degree? The short answer is: many! If you want to work directly with patients, you can go on to specialize in a clinical role, such as a physician, nursing, occupational therapy, and audiology. This will require further study at graduate school. However, don’t think that a degree in Health Science ties you to a clinical career in a hospital. You could become a medical researcher in a laboratory specializing in creating new treatments or advancing the understanding of diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Or you could work in a public health role, in a government agency that analyzes health data to determine why certain conditions affect certain demographics or the population as a whole, helping to create policies to tackle these issues. If you would prefer a more administrative role, healthcare administration is one of the fastest-growing healthcare career paths in the US. As well as ensuring the efficient running of hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities, you will help to disseminate healthcare information to patients and the community in which your facility is based. 

  • Paves the way for graduate school

It’s becoming increasingly more common for students to stay on at university to earn a master’s degree before entering the workplace. Having an additional master’s degree allows you to specialize in a particular field and to apply for jobs in a higher pay grade. A Bachelor of Science in Health Science prepares you for graduate programs in some of the most in-demand fields in the healthcare sector, such as dentistry, veterinary science, nursing, and physical therapy. 

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science, you can be confident that you have the foundation knowledge to excel in your chosen graduate program. 

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