College Confidence – 4 Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence Before You Head Off To College

College Confidence - 4 Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence Before You Head Off To College

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The transition from freshman year to college is nerve-wracking. It doesn’t matter who you were in high school – the quiet contemplator in the back or the prom king or queen – college is a whole new ball game. Popularity no longer applies the way it did in high school. Most people find themselves able to truly settle into the uniqueness of their personalities, without the pressure of conforming to societal concepts of popularity. Nevertheless, it can be a scary transition. The best way to prepare is to boost your confidence before you head off to college. These are the best tried and tested tips: 

  1. Fix Your Smile

First impressions are the most important. Though this sounds like a great deal of pressure, truth be told, it’s easy to hack your way to making a great first impression. The most important factor? Never pass up the opportunity to smile. 

Self-conscious about your smile? A visit to a teeth whitening clinic might be the best way to overcome that. Next, don’t be shy about stepping forward when you are introduced to someone new and using a firm, confident handshake. People value directness, even if it takes absolutely all of your strength to manage it. Remember to accompany that strong handshake with eye contact. And if you need a recommendation, be sure to consider this dentist within Vineland.

  1. Get A Haircut Or Make A Change

Your hair is one of your primary features. It frames your face and plays a massive role in your presentation. You don’t need a particularly smart hair cut to boost your confidence. Instead, spend some time researching cuts and colors that would suit your face and personality. 

Keep in mind – memorable people are unique and true to themselves. So, have some features that stand out to define you – this is a well-known method used by pickup artists to appear interesting. This could be bright red hair, a piercing you’ve always wanted, a haircut that’s super unique, or accessories that reflect your personality. 

  1. Dig Deeper

“Find yourself” is a phrase that has become so overused it’s almost lost meaning. Is there something to it? In actual fact, there is. Instead of falling in step with the latest fashion trends, establish who you are. What is your style? What are your values? Spend some time developing the ethos you believe in – do you value honesty? Do you think morality is important? Are you free-spirited? While therapy is typically recommended to help people handle problems, you can gain a lot of value from therapy when you use it to unpack who you are and develop your own set of values. Establishing these will give you a guideline for how to behave and how to present yourself. 

  1. Connect With Other Students Before The First Semester

Did you know that it’s possible to connect with other students before you arrive at college for the first time? There are so many people in the same position, feeling nervous and uncertain. College is far more relaxed and liberal than high school. You’ll meet a wide variety of people, and being “weird’ is usually a good thing. There are many platforms, like social media, that enable you to connect with other students prior to your first day. Knowing there may be a familiar name and a friendly face to welcome you can make all the difference. 

You’re bound to make new friends in college, especially if you’re staying on campus. However, it is important to maintain a good work/life balance. Don’t sacrifice study for fraternizing, but do take the time to enjoy this phase of your life. It’s your first taste of freedom! 

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