A drug detoxification (or detox) is the process of allowing the body to remove the drugs that are in it. To overcome a drug addiction, many people begin by going down the route of a detox. No matter whether your loved one is detoxing from substances like alcohol, or another drug, it can be difficult to see someone you care about in distress and pain. Here are a few ways on how you can help your loved one through drug detox.

Get a Professional Assessment

Because detoxing from drugs can be incredibly dangerous, medical supervision tends to be required. If you’re planning a home detox, it’s best that you arrange a professional assessment. While some people benefit from a home detox, you may be interested in contacting Hotel California Bellevue which are a drug detox center specializing in alcohol detox treatment and drug detox programs. The team can provide a comfortable, home-like environment, helping your loved one get the best care and treatment possible.

Know about Physical Withdrawal Symptoms

There are various physical and psychological symptoms that you should expect while your loved one goes through detox. As the symptoms will vary depending on the drug, it’s important that you’re well-prepared to deal with any symptoms that are unique to your loved one’s drug of choice. If they are going through an alcohol detox, symptoms may include headaches, shaking hands, rapid heartbeat, nausea, and nervousness.

Look Out for Dangerous Symptoms

While there are various symptoms that are common and expected, it’s important that you’re on hand to identify any dangerous symptoms. For example, if your loved one begins having a fit, or they become unconscious, it’s vital that you seek medical help straight away. Every minute is precious in these cases, so make sure to dial 911 as quickly as possible.

Create a Safe Environment

For your loved one’s detox to work, you will want to ensure they are in an environment that’s comfortable, safe, and supportive. There are various things that you can do to help them feel more relaxed, such as bringing in as much natural light as you can into your home, as well as keeping plenty of sanitary items close by. 

Manage Pain

Throughout a drug detox, your loved one will experience discomfort and physical pain such as diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. While it can be hard to see your loved one in such a state, knowing how to perform basic first aid skills can make a huge difference. For example, learning how to use a cold compress and heat pad can provide extra relief and comfort to your loved one.

Seeing your loved one in pain and distress from drug detox will naturally make you worried and anxious, however, you need to remember that although it can be difficult to witness, they are on the right track when it comes to getting better and beating their drug addiction. Always make sure that you’re on hand to provide love, support, and care, helping your loved one kick their drug habit for good.