Exceptional Bracing and Footwear Specialist in Nevada

Exceptional Bracing and Footwear Specialist in Nevada

Correct bracing and footwear are essential to the heel as it prevents further injuries and pain. Besides, it minimizes pressure on the connective tissues or damaged bones. Battle Born Bone & Joint Center offers exceptional bracing and footwear in Las Vegas, Nevada. The facility is host to medical footwear and clinical-grade braces that will help you through recovery. Learn more about their practice by requesting an appointment online or by calling in. 

Why Choose Bracing or Footwear?

Bracing or footwear is vital for stabilizing and enhancing the healing process. The providers at Battle Born Bone & Joint might recommend bracing in case of ankle sprains, neck or spine injuries (whiplash inclusive), carpal tunnel syndrome, Achilles tendinitis, work-related injuries, and golf or tennis elbow.

The professionals recommend particular footwear for pressure-relief on specific areas and balancing of the skeleton. A patient requires medical footwear in case of arthritis, hammertoes or bunions, diabetic foot wounds, Morton’s neuroma, and knee, back, or hip pain. Patients may also need specialized footwear and bracing if they experience chronic pain that does not ease but continues worsening.

What Type of Bracing and Footwear is Right for You?

The type of bracing and footwear varies from one patient to another, depending on the unique symptoms and diagnosis. The dedicated specialists at the facility will recommend either of the following bracing types; neck brace, hip or thigh split, immobilizer or knee brace, neck brace, wrist splint, sling or shoulder support, functional, and lace-up, or stirrup ankle brace. The doctors will also help in wound healing, joint healing, and prevent future wounds.

How is The Bracing and Footwear Procedure?

To select the correct bracing or footwear for a patient, the doctors must conduct an extensive patient evaluation. The professionals work closely with patients discussing their symptoms and mobility functions. Also, they do an ultrasound and X-ray scans to determine how severe your condition is.

After the comprehensive diagnostic procedures, the doctors guide patients through various bracing and specialized footwear options that would suit you best. At this stage, the doctor takes relevant measurements to make a customized bracing or footwear fit. Battle Born Bone & Joint Center makes orders for orthopedic shoes and braces depending on the measures taken and patient diagnosis. For this reason, some braces or footwear might arrive immediately, while others might require the patient to wait a little bit longer.

Testimonials & Reviews

Battle Born Bone & Joint Center values and appreciates patient reviews. To date, the facility boasts a 4.82 out of 5-star rating on 33 collected reviews. Check out various patient testimonials by visiting the center’s webpage.


The center is open only on weekdays, starting from 8 am to 5 pm. The providers are free to any comments, queries, or concerns that patients may have- send a message through their website.

In conclusion, Battle Born Bone & Joint offers comprehensive bracing and footwear options. The facility is welcoming to all patients in Las Vegas and neighboring Nevada communities at their practice. Schedule an appointment today through mobile or book online to determine what bracing or footwear suits you best.

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