How To Make More Time For Reading This Fall

How To Make More Time For Reading This Fall

The most recent Pew data reported that 28% of adults didn’t read a single book in 2018. While that number may have declined in the past three years as more people have time at home, it’s still shocking. 

Regular reading improves your brain connectivity, reduces stress, and prevents cognitive decline as you age. Unfortunately, most Americans report that they do not read as a lack of time, but in reality, they simply choose to use their downtime in other ways. 

If you’re interested in making more time for reading this fall, set a goal and consider these ways to free up your schedule and pick up a great book.

Stop The Scroll

The average person spends over two hours a day on social media. If you swap that social media scrolling with reading a book on your Kindle, you could finish at least one book a week. Use the built-in features that most social media platforms include limiting your time on each app. When the timer goes off, set down your phone and pick up your book. 

Not only will you feel better after swapping social media for reading, but you also won’t have to get angry all over again every time your relative posts that awful meme or widely-debunked conspiracy theory. 

Cut The Cord

Cable TV is expensive and time-consuming. So instead of scrolling through one hundred channels to find a show you want to watch or spending hundreds of dollars on channels you never watch, cut the cord and replace the time you used to spend channel surfing with reading instead. 

If you love television or movies, you don’t have to give up the pastime completely. Check out the best streaming services according to Frugal Rules and opt for one or two streaming services instead. You’ll be able to watch exactly what your want on-demand and still have time to get in a few chapters of that book, too! 

Visit Your Local Library

How To Make More Time For Reading This Fall

Do you remember the excitement of library days in elementary school? Or the first time you got your library card? Rediscover your love of the library, and you’ll find yourself wandering around the stacks and sitting in the perfect chair reading in no time. (Find your local library)

Libraries are suffering in 2021, with more and more readers opting for digital reads and programming declines due to the Coronavirus. However, many libraries are taking full precautions to protect readers by offering curbside pickup, limiting the number of patrons, and offering online reservations to pick up physical books. 

Think Outside The Book

Making more time for reading doesn’t mean you need to dive into a biography or a non-fiction book that will put you to sleep. If you’re trying to revive your reading life or start a new one, explore different genres to see what piques your interest. 

If you love history, pick up a historical fiction novel and see how you like it. Or, if you’re thinking of new hobby ideas, try a book about gardening or cooking. Reading doesn’t have to mean 600-page novels or serious topics that make you better. Sometimes, you just need a mystery or thriller to get lost in to make reading a priority again. 


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