How to Organize a Wedding in 6 Months (Or Less)

How to Organize a Wedding in 6 Months (Or Less)

While some couples spend years designing and planning their wedding day, not everyone wants to wait that long to say ‘I do’. Whether it’s through personal choice or circumstantial necessity, it is absolutely possible to plan a stunning wedding in less than 6 months. The key is to know what’s most important to you, what you can afford, and what you are able to compromise on. 

There are plenty of suppliers and venues out there if you are willing to put in the research. In addition, planning a wedding quickly can mean you have less temptation to spend money on unnecessary extras and will mean you have to make quick decisions, which could be a very good thing for indecisive people.

If you’re hoping to tie the knot in 6 months or maybe even sooner, here is what you need to prioritize and some important pros and cons to consider.

The venue

You need to book your wedding and reception venue (or venues) as soon as possible. Venues can book up years in advance, but if you’re flexible, then you should be able to find somewhere which can accommodate your preferred date. If you can have the ceremony and reception in the same venue, then this will make the planning process a lot easier and you might be able to save money by choosing a weekday over a weekend. 

The photographer

In years to come, you will have only your memories of your wedding day which is why a photographer is often one of the most important elements of the day. Get on to finding a quality photographer with a style that suits your taste. You may want to meet with a few before you settle on your favorite. 

The dress

The wedding dress is a big deal for a lot of brides but it’s a particular sticking point in quick turnaround weddings. This is because designers usually need at least 6 months to get your dress ordered and created in your size. 

Some bridal boutiques may be able to meet your deadline so ask around, but you can always try to find a sample dress which can be altered to fit. 

The entertainment

Whether you’re after a DJ, a rock band or a classical quartet, the next step is to book your wedding entertainment for the reception so you can celebrate in style after the ceremony. 

The cake

A wedding cake designer may not have the time to create a cake for you, but there are plenty of quality high street stores which offer wedding cakes. They can be prepared in a plain design so you can add your own personal touch and decoration to it. Alternatively, a popular choice nowadays is to serve a selection of delicious cupcakes presented on tiers. 

The honeymoon

If you are intending on heading off on your honeymoon straight after the wedding, then you need to think about your honeymoon destination options. This might mean planning to a budget or – if you are willing to take a risk – waiting until the very last minute to secure yourself a bargain. 

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