How To Protect Your Store From Rodents This Spring

How To Protect Your Store From Rodents This Spring

How To Protect Your Store From Rodents This Spring

If you are a store owner, you will already be aware of the annual battle against rodents, especially if you sell edible produce, and it is hardly a good advertisement if you have rats and mice in your retail premises. No doubt that a feline presence would help, but as the Tom & Jerry cartoons demonstrate, the cat doesn’t always win when faced with his natural prey.

You could set up a few bait stations, or even lay down a few rat traps, yet these will merely keep the numbers down. There is a permanent solution for rats and mice, and it comes in the form of a small electronic device that you simply plug into a power socket.

Electronic Pest Repellers

Simply visit where you can purchase a few of these amazing electronic devices, and that will signal the end of this annual dilemma. Is it really as easy as that? The short answer is yes, and these devices work by sending short pulses of energy along the power lines, which rodents just happen to hate, and within a short time, they will pack their bags and look for another place to occupy.

Specific Coverage

As you would expect, these devices cover a specific area, and if you want a rodent-free building, simply work out the square footage and purchase the corresponding number of devices. Is there a downside to this solution? The only one that comes to mind is that the rats and mice are likely to return if you ever stop using the devices, and these small electronic devices work silently in the background, night and day, constantly sending out tiny electronic pulses, which drives rodents crazy!

How To Protect Your Store From Rodents This Spring


Disease Carriers

Rats and mice are known disease carriers, and are very bad for business, as customers would obviously concerned if they knew that your store was infested with rats and mice. Bad news travels a lot faster than good, and if you are selling consumable goods, rodents could destroy your business, which is another reason to invest in a few of these amazing devices. There are articles you can find online that describe homeowners’ ordeal after buying a rat infected property, which isn’t that uncommon.

Clean, Efficient And Cost-Effective

Of course, there are other ways to eliminate rodents from your store, but when you consider how difficult it can be, the best solution lies with the electronic pest repeller that can be purchased from an online supplier. Other methods are visible to customers, and you don’t really want to broadcast the fact that you have a rodent infestation, yet with the electronic solution, no one is any the wiser, and you can be rest assured that all the rodents will get the message.

How To Protect Your Store From Rodents This Spring


If you are faced with the same problem every spring, rather than doing battle the traditional way, you can put a stop to rodent invasion in one simple step, and while the cat might feel his position is under threat, he’ll soon get used to the fact that he no longer has to patrol the store at night. There are no dead bodies to remove, and if killing animals bothers you at all, the electronic pest repeller is the perfect solution that constantly delivers the goods.


  1. We have not had an issue for many years but you never know when they might pop back up. I’ll have to save these tips and share them with my sister who lives in an older farmhouse, I’m sure they will be helpful!

  2. These are great tips! I’ve never seen one inside my home! They are usually out in the garage and by the backyard!

  3. We do have mice here in the house from time to time so thank you for the tips. We definitely need to have that electronic pest repeller.

  4. Thank you for all these helpful info and details. I think a lot of store owners need these tips.

  5. Great tips! Luckily, we only have ants issue in the hot season, they are all over the place!

  6. These are really nice tips. We have some rat earlier, which got it with trap. Thanks for sharing about pest repellents.

  7. Oh I got the heebie jeebies thinking about this. I just went to my storage unit to clear out and they had rat trap systems or poison not sure…but there were spiders and rat droppings or mice droppings in our unit…I was so grossed out.

  8. It’s nice to have some options when it comes to repelling pests. We also use peppermint oils. It works well to keep out a variety of pests.

  9. Rodent problems are rough, especially if your business is on the line. We’ve been thinking about getting some of those for our house, but aren’t sure if they would bother the dogs.

  10. My number one tip is to have a bar of Zest soap hidden in your building. I haven’t seen a mouse since I started doing it. I keep one in my car, too.

  11. These are fantastic ideas! Rodents can so quickly destroy anything. I’m looking forward to trying out the electronic repelants.

  12. These are some great tips! It is an absolute nightmare when you get rodents anywhere! But when you run a store I can imagine it is devastating with the ruined stock which can happen.

  13. oh my gosh these are great tips- although i dont have a store they are great points to have for our home too! woohoo!

  14. I would hope that all businesses no matter if they carried food or not would do some preventive measures to stop rodents from coming in. We do in our home and garage.

  15. Yikes, good tips! It’s never fun when you have a rodent problem, that’s for sure. I’m sure the pest repellers will help!

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