How to Take Care of a New Puppy

How to Take Care of a New Puppy

Welcoming a new puppy into your home is a very happy occasion full of excitement and fun. However, if you’re not prepared, it can also be quite stressful—you can expect ruined furniture, accidents on the carpet and even some health issues with your new family member. So how do you prepare for the arrival of your new pup and how do you take proper care of it? 

Prepare your home

Just like baby-proofing your home, you need to do the same before the arrival of your new puppy. Puppies are notoriously curious and love to examine every part of their environment, often coming across forbidden and harmful things. To pet-proof your home, start by securing all cables and wires and removing all chemicals and toxins from your pup’s reach. Next, Google your house plants and see whether they are harmful to dogs. Also, make sure to reinforce your garbage bag and secure all loose valuable items. It’s safest to store valuables in closed cabinets. 

Stock up on supplies

How to Take Care of a New Puppy

You can’t leave your puppy sleeping on the floor and eating table scraps when they arrive—everything needs to be already stocked with dog food and supplies. What you need is some quality dog food, preferably the kind your pup used to eat at the shelter or at the breeder’s, to avoid any stomach upsets. Next, you need some treats and toys to keep your pup occupied and to help with training. Of course, you need to grab leashes and collars with ID tags so you can enjoy outdoor adventures and get some exercise. 

Think of your puppy’s health

Your dog’s health should be your number one concern. Make sure to be prepared to face any crisis by having the number and address of your nearest pet doctor at hand. Also, stock up on vitamins and minerals you can add to the food, as well as puppy dental sticks that ensure proper health of the teeth. These dental sticks are not only great for teeth, but they are also super fun and tasty for your doggy to chew on. Of course, you need to plan for training and exercise, so create a good schedule for puppy chores and make sure all family members do their part. Training and exercise create a healthy dog both physically and emotionally. 

Ensure safety and comfort

How to Take Care of a New Puppy

Your young puppy might be very eager to play and be the center of attention, but that doesn’t mean they are always ready to be touched. Sometimes, even dogs need their private time to relax and unwind in a safe environment. Therefore, it’s crucial to create a spot in your home that will house your dog’s bed and crate. When the dog is lying in their bed or crate, it means they are seeking privacy and rest and they shouldn’t be disturbed. Crate training is crucial because it ensures your pup’s safety and emotional stability. Another safety thing to consider is puppy gates on stairways, doors and windows. 

Provide the puppy with socialization

Socializing your dog is crucial for their happiness because good behaviors will open up many new opportunities for the dog to get to know the world and receive affection. During the early days, slowly and safely introduce your dog to new sights, sounds, smells and people, especially if you have a big circle of friends and family at home all the time. Let the dog approach new people in their own time, including the postman and delivery personnel. A well-socialized puppy will grow up into a happy dog instead of living life in fear. 

Sign up for puppy academy

If you don’t have a lot of experience raising a dog, feel free to start classes with your pup. These doggy classes will teach you not only plenty of things about dog training and behavior but also give you useful information about dog diet, furniture and activities. 

Raising a puppy can be hard, but in the end, it will all be worth it when you see what a happy and healthy dog you’ve raised. Get ready to give a lot of unconditional love and receive even more! 

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