Woof Woof! 15 Interesting Facts About Dogs

Woof Woof! 15 Interesting Facts About Dogs

Dogs have been known as man’s best friend since time immemorial. About 40 percent of households in the United States own at least one dog.

But even as common as these pets are, there are a ton of interesting facts about dogs that most people don’t know. Ready to learn more about your doggo?

Read on!

1. Dogs Can Sense Time

Fascinating, but true! Dogs have a sense of time such that they can differentiate between one and two hours.

If well trained, a dog can predict when it’s time to walk, eat, and play without your guidance.

2. Some Dogs Can Sniff Medical Issues

Some breeds have an incredible sense of smell to the extent of detecting medical problems. The animal can be trained to sniff out different medical conditions, making work easier for medics.

The sniffing ability allows dogs to diagnose particular problems. Even better, they can inform their owners when to see the doctor or take their meds.

3. Some Dog Breeds Are Amazing Swimmers

Dogs are known to fear water, but this dog fact does not speak for all.

Dogs that love water are pretty good swimmers and are, in most cases, used for water rescue.

4. Some Dogs Are Faster than a Cheetah

Among the ignored facts about dogs is their speed. Depending on your reason for getting a dog, you should ask more about their running speed to determine if it can meet your needs.

Greyhound is the fastest dog breed so far, with an unbeaten speed of 45mph.

Although cheetahs can reach 70mph, they cannot maintain the speed for more than 30 seconds.

On the other hand, the fastest dog can maintain 35mph and above for up to seven miles, outdoing the cheetah.

5. Dogs’ Wet Noses Absorb Chemicals

If you wonder why your dog’s nose is always wet, it is a safety measure to help them absorb chemicals.

The dogs’ noses are made to produce a special kind of mucus that absorbs any chemical. They then lick the chemical with their tongue for sampling and to establish different types of smell.

6. Bloodhounds Can Help in Court Cases

Thanks to their strong sense of smell, bloodhounds can make court cases easier to solve. Even better, this dog breed can follow crime tracks that have stayed for over 300 hours and can run for over 130 miles.

7. Dogs Are as Smart as Little Humans

Your canine is not just any other animal. They can sense and feel.

Dogs are as smart as two-year-old kids. This is the reason behind their unique bond with their owners. They can speak the same language as toddlers and can be clingy when they want your attention.

To learn more amazing real-life events concerning dogs, you can find tons of articles on the internet.

Dog Bay is one of the best websites for dog-related articles. Check it out to learn more.

8. Newfoundlands Have Webbed Feet

When we talked about some dogs being incredible swimmers, Newfoundlands should top the list in this.

The hounds feature webbed feet and water-resistant coats. They can jump into the water without any fears. This fact is the reason why some of them make excellent lifeguards.

9. Dogs Have a 40x Stronger Sense of Smell Than Humans

Dogs are proven to have a dazzling sense of smell. The canines’ brain cells responsible for detecting different scents are about 40x bigger and better than humans.

This means that a dog can sense or pick up more smells than people can, and that’s the primary reason they are used to sniff out drugs, dead bodies, and sometimes money.

10. Dogs Can Breath and Sniff at the Same Time

Dogs’ sense of smell is everything to them. They rely on it to detect danger, find food, and even find their way back home.

Sniffing is paramount to the canines, but that does not hinder them from breathing. Their noses are made to smell while still allowing air to move in and out of the lungs. This means that they can breathe while working to find out different types of smells.

11. Dogs Sweat But Not as Humans Do

While you should never expect to see the sweat dripping down a dog’s underarm, that does not mean that they never sweat.

Unlike human beings who sweat by excreting watery waste, dogs sweat by excreting an oily substance, which you cannot easily see.

Nonetheless, dogs know the sweat is there because they can smell it. The only areas you can expect to see dripping sweat in dogs is on the paws.

The fact that they do not produce watery liquid to cool them down during the hot weather is the reason they are always panting when it gets hot.

12. Dogs Can Smell Feelings

Fascinating, right? Dogs are known as mind readers. Your best friend can tell when you are in good moods and when you are down.

Dogs will sympathize with you when they smell that something is off with your feelings. They know when you are heartbroken, and you might even realize that they get sad too.

Besides watching you the whole day, your fluffy animal studies your every move to know if you are happy or mad. They know when to get playful and when to give you space to deal with your feelings.

13. Puppies Are Born Deaf

As unbelievable and sad as this may sound, it is one of the unknown dog facts. The good news is that although they are born without hearing, as they grow older, their hearing system becomes four times stronger and better than that of humans.

14. Dogs Get Jealous

Dogs get extremely jealous and protective over their owners and items.

They hate it when you display affection for other creatures and want you all for themselves. They also don’t like it when they see someone else or another dog playing with their toys. They love attention, and you better give it to them to keep them happy.

15. A Dog Can Either Be Right or Left-Handed

Like humans, it turns out that dogs have preferred paws or hands. Some use the left paw more often than the right one. You can test this by giving your dog a toy and watch which paw they use first.

Now You Know Some Interesting Facts About Dogs

With the mentioned interesting facts about dogs, you can confidently say that you know your canine better. Understanding these general and facts about dog breeds will ease your interaction with the hounds and even guide you when choosing the ideal breed.

Did you learn something new about dogs today? Continue browsing our site for more related posts.

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