How to waterproof outdoor mattresses

How to waterproof outdoor mattresses

Outdoor mattresses are perfect for relaxing outside, and they add more charm to your exterior décor. Most people have them on their patios, near the pool, or in their tree houses. But the chances of your outdoor mattresses getting wet and absorbing moisture are pretty high. Your mattress would then soon become home to fungus and algae.

Given buying a mattress is a significant investment and it may last you for a couple of years, therefore, searching up for the right mattress is important and Mattress Firm Pillows, provides unbiased reviews of various mattresses, so dig the information up and invest wisely. However, if you want to save money and are on a tight budget then do not worry. We have you covered! This article explains four ways of how you can waterproof a mattress using simple materials.

  1. Waterproof mattress protector
  2.  Waterproof sheets
  3. Waterproof sprays
  4. DIY waterproof cover 

Waterproof Mattress protector 

How to waterproof outdoor mattresses A waterproof mattress protector can enhance the longevity of your mattress and improve hygiene of the mattress. Apart from saving your mattress against fungus and spillage: a mattress protector can act as a separator between your mattress and waste from the environment and body. Your moisture, dead skin cells, food crumbs, dust are issues that affect the hygiene of your mattress and could even harm your health. 

Furthermore, a mattress protector protects you from different allergic risks that may lurk in the mattress like pollen, dust, mites, etc.

If your mattress is particularly high-maintenance or needs regular cleaning as is the case with most outdoor mattresses, a mattress protector makes maintenance of outdoor mattresses easier.

A waterproof mattress protector ensures that your mattress doesn’t take any permanent damage or sag, because of spillage and body sweat leading to odors. It is also washable, easy to clean and use. Click here for more information about waterproof mattress protector australia.

However, a con is they may look unattractive, chunky, and can be noisy.

Waterproof Sheets

A cheap option is to buy waterproof sheets. As is the case with bedsheets, you can choose from various designs, sizes, and colors.

Unlike elastic covers, waterproof bed sheets look attractive and classy.

Waterproofing Spray

How to waterproof outdoor mattresses

An effortless solution is buying a waterproofing case. A waterproofing spray is easy to use, all you need to do is:

  1. Place the mattress outside and spray the surface lightly.
  2. Hold the can six to eight inches away from the mattress.
  3. Overlap the layers of spray to ensure full coverage.
  4. Allow the mattress to dry for four hours 
  5. Apply a second layer and then test the surface with water.

If the water does not soak into the surface and flows on the surface then you have successfully waterproofed your mattress!

If you spill any liquid or if it rains all you need to do is, wipe off the liquid. Some sprays even protect your mattress from sun damage.

DIY Waterproof Cover

If you are into DIY activities, you can also make your waterproof fabric. Clothing stores offer you a range of waterproof poly-blends that can protect your outdoor mattress from moisture, humidity, and sunlight.

Follow the steps to create your own waterproof fabric:

  1. Measure the mattress
  2. Cut the fabric accordingly
  3. Get crafty! Use fabric glue or use a sewing machine to put the cover together

Other Ways to Protect Your Mattress

Even if you buy a waterproof outdoor mattress, if not taken care of properly; an outdoor mattress won’t last long as an indoor mattress. This is why, where you place the mattress is important. If you have a porch, deck, or shed you should place your mattress there, and keep it covered with a thick mattress cover. So in case of rain or snow, your mattress is protected. Garages, pool houses, or sheds are another great way to store your mattresses. At the least, you can lean the mattress against the wall to protect it from bad weather.

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