Proven Benefits of Infusion Therapy

Proven Benefits of Infusion Therapy

Have you ever had a chronic disease that seems not to respond to initial treatment options? We understand the pain and cost you go through in seeking efficacious treatments. Align Infusion Clinic is your tailored solution provider to most ailments, preferably cancer, Cohn’s disease, and Ulcerative Colitis. Read on to understand how infusion therapy helps you manage internal illnesses and its many benefits.

What is infusion therapy?

Infusion therapy is an innovative technique to administer medication for candidates who can’t take medicine orally or do not respond to such treatments. The medication is administered through a catheter or injection. Infusion therapy can be either epidural, intramuscular, or subcutaneous. The method an infusion therapist chooses depends on the formula and intended outcome.

Many doctors prefer infusion therapy to other standard medication procedures due to its high permeability rate in the body.

Benefits of infusion therapy

Speedy results

Infusion therapy bypasses the digestive system and introduces nutrients directly to your bloodstream. You will notice quick revitalization compared to oral drugs’ effects. The 100% absorption rate is why many individuals on a tight schedule to see resolutions opt for infusion therapy.


The flexibility of infusion therapy is unparalleled. Doctors use IV therapy to cure hangovers, improve skin radiance, and treat cancer, and a lot more. Depending on your needs, Infusion experts incorporate the relevant nutrients into your drip for the intended outcomes.

Improved skin tone

Infusion therapy improves your skin brilliance in no way other cosmetic products can. Nutritional IVs contain large amounts of Vitamin C and biotin. Biotin strengthens the skin and gives it a glow, while Vitamin C increases collagen production, essential for wrinkle-free skin. The direct infusion into the bloodstream means you will see results much quicker.

Better hydration

IV drips contain large amounts of water that infuse directly into your bloodstream. The result is better hydration and improved blood circulation. A hydrated body and good blood circulation are the bedrock for a solid immune system.

Boosts energy levels

Infusion therapy is the cheat code for many athletes. Some pro players with peak athletic performances go for infusion sessions before a game. IV therapy incorporates Vitamins and amino acids which synthesize energy in the mitochondria to give you instant energy boosts. IV therapy is the best alternative to caffeinated drinks when you have a hangover on the eve of a big day.


Sometimes due to diet or medical conditions, your body depletes essential nutrients. Multivitamin tablets and supplements replenish the nutrients, albeit slowly. Infusion therapy directly delivers the nutrients to your bloodstream, where it circulates to the appropriate body parts for synthesis and use. IV boosts your metabolism and enables you to say on top of your health.

Eliminates toxins

Toxin buildup in the body causes new illnesses and aggravates underlying medical conditions. Infusion therapy nutrients increase metabolism, and thus your body rids toxins more effectively. IV therapy is a proactive prevention method for diseases that may arise from toxins in your body.

Bottom line

Infusion therapy has many more benefits which your body needs. Give your body the treatment it deserves, book an infusion therapy appointment at Infectious Diseases Specialists & Infusion Center located in Metairie, LA or use the online scheduling tool.

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