Hydrocodone: How Much Time It Takes To Stay In Human Body?

Hydrocodone: How Much Time It Takes To Stay In Human Body?

Hydrocodone is similar to other types of medications, and it stays for a longer time in the human body. It basically varies from one person to the other one and affects genetics. This type of drug is excreted for creating a formulation type of hydrocodone. There are different testing methods for hydrocodone, such as hair tests, urine, blood test, and saliva test. 

Long-acting formulation 

This type of drug stays in your body for at least 20 hours. If you have consumed a long-acting formulation, then it will last for 45 hours in your body. It is like an opioid painkiller used to cure and treat severe pain. In some people, hydrocodone is generated some chronicle effects by producing euphoria. How long hydrocodone stays in your urine completely depends on the type of human body because it varies. 

Easy to understand 

This is a very common and prescribed painkiller that will stay long in your urine and blood. The working of the drug is very basic to understand that hydrocodone is working in your body. For moderating severe pain, it is important for you to take the dosage at the right time. 

It is somehow unpredictable to know for how much time hydrocodone will stay in your body. For this reason, a person might experience its substance for 24 hours, and another person might experience it for more than three days. So it depends from person to person’s body and type. 

Why is hydrocodone long-acting?

It is a type of opioid analgesic prescription which is long-acting in the human body. It helps in managing severe pain and only be consumed by taking a doctor’s prescription. There are so many factors that are affecting hydrocodone, and it is determined as follows:

  • Genes
  • Age
  • Kidney
  • Liver health
  • Frequency of consumption etc. 

Impact on genes and age 

A major role of genes is affected by hydrocodone because it impacts the human body. Here, all things are done on the basis of genetics. If you are younger, it will easily be cleared out from your stomach. On the other side, if you are older and consuming hydrocodone, it will take longer and remain in your stomach. Therefore, there are high chance of experiencing stomach issues by consuming hydrocodone. 

Wrapping up!

Not only this, there are two main organs that are badly impacted by hydrocodone, and those are the kidney and liver. So you need to eliminate all the drugs from your system otherwise, you will be going to experience severe changes in your body. 

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