Tooth Extraction and Dental Care Specialist in Florida

Tooth Extraction and Dental Care Specialist in Florida

Your permanent teeth are intended to last for a lifetime, but sometimes tooth extractions are essential. This is particularly true if you get a severe cavity or your wisdom teeth become impacted. SEDA Dental with locations in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, North Miami Beach, Pinecrest, Boca Raton, Pompano Beach, and Jupiter, Florida. Each location has a team of qualified and experienced specialists who provide the best tooth extractions services for patients of all ages, from adults to children.  Patients will experience less pain after tooth removal and recover fast compared to the traditional procedure. If you are concerned that you may need a tooth extraction, schedule an appointment by calling our office or request online with one of the most renowned practices in Florida – SEDA Dental.

Who Is The Right Candidate For Tooth Extraction?

Most teenagers and adults go through wisdom teeth extractions. However, there are other reasons why a doctor may recommend tooth extraction, including tooth decay, tooth infection, and overcrowding. Also, tooth extractions before cancer chemotherapy or organ transplant helps to reduce the risk of complications. The team of specialists at SEDA Dental works closely with patients to create a custom treatment plan that meets all their needs.

What Happens Before The Tooth Extraction Procedure?

Before your SEDA Dental provider performs any tooth extraction procedure, they conduct comprehensive evaluation tests plus cross-checking your past medical history to ensure that you have no underlying health issue that might interfere with the removal process. Furthermore, he discusses with the patient on medications to avoid before the procedure. You should be sure to tell your dentist if you have chronic conditions such as thyroid disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or a congenital heart defect. After reviewing your tooth condition using X-rays, the specialist determines the type of anesthesia and tooth extraction you require.

What Should You Expect During The Tooth Extraction Procedure?

Often, tooth extraction procedures need a local anesthetic. However, some patients might require additional sedation if they are the anxious type, or the extraction involves two or more teeth. Tooth extraction can be done through a simple procedure or surgical extraction.

A simple extraction involves numbing your roots and gums using local anesthesia and lifting the tooth off using a pair of forceps. If you have a tooth with deep decay or an impacted tooth, you will need a surgical extraction. This will involve sedation and surgical operation in which the doctor will carefully remove the bone around your tooth, cut the tooth in pieces, and remove the pieces.

Considering the dental specialists’ experience, and because the tooth extraction method they use is minimally-invasive, patients will experience minimal trauma, heal rapidly, and have less or zero discomfort after the removal.

What Is The Recovery Following A Tooth Extraction Like?

After extraction, you will be provided with self-care guidelines to follow. It is perfectly normal to feel some pain, general discomfort, and swelling 24-48 hours after the procedure. It is recommended that you maintain a soft diet for the next few days. You should feel back to normal in about a week.

To sum up, the team at SEDA Dental provides comprehensive and compassionate oral care. The providers implement a multidisciplinary approach to address any dental problem. If you need tooth removal or want to find out more about this facility’s less-traumatic procedure, call for an appointment or request an appointment online.

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