Improve Your Brazilian Butt Lift Results with This Recovery Guide

Improve Your Brazilian Butt Lift Results with This Recovery Guide

Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a procedure entailing grazing fats from other body parts and transplanting them to the buttocks to change their size and shape. Every surgeon advises that the healing process is as vital as the procedure for the best outcomes. Depending on various factors, healing after BBL takes around three or four weeks. We recommend following this guide to recovery to boost the effects and recover quickly.

Don’t Sit on the Buttocks

Not sitting on the backside is a vital tip for the best BBL outcomes. After a Brazilian butt lift, the doctor will recommend not sitting directly on the bottom for about eight weeks post-surgery. The new tissues transplanted from other parts need time and care to heal and connect with the rest of the cells. Sitting on your buttocks applies pressure that can cut the blood flow or shift the cells. If you must sit, make sure it is less than five minutes. Try sitting on the back of the thighs without putting any pressure on your backside.

Avoid Soaking

You ought to be careful about how you shower during your healing period. However, experts advise avoiding using the bathtub. After undergoing a Brazilian butt lift by Dr. Balinger, you should give the area enough time to recover. Therefore, you will need to stay off the tub, beach, and swimming pool six weeks post-surgery. Not soaking will guarantee the wounds heal properly and are not susceptible to infections.

Don’t Drive

You are also advised not to drive before eight weeks post-surgery. Pressuring the treated parts may squish or prevent proper blood circulation. Therefore, ensure you ask for help driving if you have to go out.

Observe Weight Balance

Keeping a stable weight balance is great for faster healing and excellent outcomes. Hence, watch the kind of food you eat. Avoid intense exercise until the cells have been well-established.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet is primary to the best BBL results and fast healing. A healthy diet ensures you maintain the weight balance. So, stick to fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats like avocado, fish, and proteins. These foods provide your body with the energy it requires to heal.

Do Not Drink Alcohol or Smoke

Before and after the procedure, one rule is to quit smoking and drinking alcohol. These substances alter the immune system, slowing down the healing process. They also increase the possibility of getting complications. Therefore, quit smoking and drinking alcohol during Brazilian butt lift recovery. It will improve your chances of healing faster without complications.

Wear Compression Garment

Compression garments are crucial for giving the buttocks support and improving the results. The doctor may advise wearing them for about three to six weeks. So, ensure you follow the instructions to improve outcomes.

Drink a Lot of Water

Drinking enough water also fastens the healing process. This is because the body gets enough minerals and salts. Therefore, after BBL, drink a lot of water and eat food and fruits with a lot of water.


These are simple tips for the best BBL results and quick recovery. Keep off anything that may jeopardize the shape and recovery of the buttocks. Remember, this article has given general guidelines. Therefore, consult your doctor about suitable activities and diet.

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