Board-Certified Hair Restoration Specialist in Hauppauge, New York

Board-Certified Hair Restoration Specialist in Hauppauge, New York

Approximately sixty percent of adult men and fifty percent of adult women experience hair loss. Luckily, you can effectively prevent further hair loss and stimulate vigorous hair growth by undertaking a hair restoration procedure at Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration Centers located in Hauppauge, New York. Transplant and hair restoration specialist David A. Mayer, MD, together with his team are qualified and experienced in performing hair restoration on both women and men. To learn more about how hair restoration can help restore your hair, call or request an appointment online.

What Is Hair Restoration?

Also referred to as hair transplant surgery, this is a cosmetic procedure aimed at restoring hair to areas of your scalp that are bald or have thinning hair. The various hair restoration types include: flap surgery, hair transplantation, scalp reduction surgery, and scalp tissue expansion. The type of hair restoration that fits you best depends on your treatment goals and the cause of hair loss. Dr. Mayer has extensive experience in effective, safe, and cutting-edge hair restoration treatments to address your hair loss needs.

Who Is The Right Candidate For Hair Restoration?

To be the right candidate for hair restoration, you should have thinning hair or beginning to bald, and still have healthy hair growth on the side or the back of your head.  This means that you should at least have some hair to act as donor areas, parts of your scalp that offer grafting material. Hair restoration does not make your natural hair grow back; hence you should have a realistic expectation. If you have very little hair or are completely bald, you will likely benefit from another treatment type.

What is ARTAS iX™ Robotic Treatment?

This is an innovative system that utilizes real-time 3D analysis to plot and calculate essential hair follicle statistics vital for a successful graft harvesting. This modern medical technology guarantees key harvesting conditions and long-lasting, significant results.  ARTAS robotic hair implants blend perfectly with your surrounding hair, making them fully undetectable.  You can resume your normal daily activities without worrying that people will know you had a hair transplant.

What Should You Expect During Hair Restoration Treatment?

During a hair restoration treatment, the specialists at Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration Centers use the ARTAS iX robotic innovative treatment to remove a sequence of small punch grafts from the hair-bearing areas of your scalp. The provider then transfers each graft to an area of thinning or balding hair. Each of the grafts has a different shape or size that is personalized to your unique treatment goals. Your doctor will make a series of surgical incisions and places each graft. After the surgery, you will return home to recover, which often takes several months plus a series of treatments to achieve your desired results.

To sum up, the team of specialists at Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration Centers aims at providing high-quality hair restoration and transplant services to men and women living in  Hauppauge, New York, and the entire Suffolk County. If you are interested in hair restoration, call the Hauppauge office, or book an appointment using the online booking tool.

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