Is DIY Moving Worth the Hassle? Here’s What You Should Know

Is DIY Moving Worth the Hassle? Here’s What You Should Know

Moving home is a time-consuming task that takes a lot of effort. With all of the things you need to pack and prepare, it’s a task that will get really daunting really fast. In fact, it’s so bad that most people would simply call a professional service to help them move instead of doing it themselves.

But despite how common it is, there are lots of people who prefer the idea of a DIY move. Here’s what you need to know about this and if you should attempt it as well.

Benefits of a DIY Home Move

The first major benefit is cost savings. Moving into a new home is probably already costing you a lot of money, but if you have to rely on an extra service to move all of your goods and pack things up, then it’s going to cost more. You can avoid these hefty fees by doing it yourself.

Another benefit is that you’re no longer on someone else’s schedule. Moving is a time-consuming task that you generally break up into smaller chunks. But if you do it at your own pace, you can take your time and slow things down when you need to manage other responsibilities. However, if you work with a moving service, you need to book things in advance, you need to line up your schedule with the company’s, and you’ll suddenly feel a lot of pressure.

Lastly, we can’t forget that a DIY move gives you a lot more flexibility and control ovehow and when you move. You can plan according to any schedule and you can pick and choose how things are packed and moved. It’s far less stressful and will make the whole moving experience a bit easier to manage.

Tips For DIY Moving

Make sure you start packing as early as possible. Pack away things that you don’t use often, declutter when you have time, and try to keep things organized. When it comes to actually moving your stuff, try to plan out the number of trips it’ll take. If you often have to travel to your new home to handle things like utility installations, then try to take a few boxes with you now and then so that there’s less to carry on the final big moving date.

Consider hiring a portable storage container. You can either tow it yourself if you have the means, or you can call a service to help you move it. Keep in mind that this is a little different to calling a moving service that often helps with other things such as packing and moving. A portable container is often cheaper than a full-blown moving service, and you usually get a bit more flexibility as long as you’re willing to put in some work yourself.

Times When You Should Hire a Service

There are some situations where we’d still recommend hiring a service. For instance, if you need to move something really large and valuable, such as a piano, then it might be better to contact a service to help you. With the added insurance costs and expertise, there’s less chance that it’ll be damaged on the way to your new home.

And lastly, don’t forget that if you change your mind because it gets a little overwhelming, you can still call a moving service to help you out.

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