My new fixer-upper home has another delay

This is not the update I wanted to give but it’s the reality of what is happening. I promised to take you along on my journey which also includes the bad side of my home renovations.

As those of you who fit in the category of my friends and family know, thanks to the generosity of my sister Kathy @, I recently purchased a fixer-upper home.  I fell in love with it when I first saw it but it was snatched up immediately.  I guess someone else saw the potential of it that I see.

I looked at other homes but I really wanted one that I could fix up to my style, not one that was move-in ready, and not just any home, I wanted THAT home.

I’ve had the move-in ready home.  I wanted the full experience of a fixer-upper this time.

Then a miracle happened.  The house I dreamed of owning went back on the market.

Before I could even apply for a loan for the home (I’m a struggling disabled blogger and I just don’t have that kind of cash laying around to buy a whole house, lol), my sister who does have the means to make a quick cash offer for a quick sell made an offer on it and before I knew it, it was mine.

Well, I do have to make payments on it like everyone else who buys a home with a loan, but you know what I mean.  It’s mine.

So began my journey of renovations.  Included in Kathy’s generous nature is the financial means to renovate my home to make it my dream home. At my age, having my own home provides me with the security I wasn’t feeling as our apartment complex continues to go through seller after seller.

I expected issues with renovations but I never expected the issue we had with the contractor.  I just assumed if a person was a professional and owned a business and was someone my family has known forever, that all would go according to plan.

Sadly, at this point, that’s not the reality and my home renovation has been put on hold.  The contractor had to be fired and now we’re in the process of finding a new one.  It’s just a little delay as I’m going to keep on going with some DIY projects I’m doing myself outdoors, with the help of my family, while that process plays out.

I’ll leave off the details of the horror we encounter while checking on the progress after 2 months, but it was an eye-opening experience on just how drugs can affect a person in every aspect of their lives.

And then we had to deal with the process it took to recover the materials he stole (still waiting on some to be returned).  My tiger of a sister Cheryl is dealing with that issue and I thank the Lord that family steps up when needed.

I don’t know what is going on in his life to have caused this as he is well-known around here for his work and professionalism.  I think the death of his mom might have been a trigger.  They were very close from what I understand. I wish him well and hope that he gets the help he needs.

Say no to drugs.  Just say no.

The new contractor will have to basically redo everything he did and start over.  A costly mistake and time-consuming mistake but my family who lives in the area of my new home, and I, will stay on top of the progress going forward.

Despite the nightmare of it all, I’m as excited as I ever was as I continue to dream of my finished home and when we’re back on track, I will give another update.

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