Moving Abroad? 5 Tips To Keep Yourself Healthy in Another Country

Moving Abroad? 5 Tips To Keep Yourself Healthy in Another Country

Moving to a different country is undoubtedly the adventure of a lifetime, but it can also be a daunting one – especially if you don’t know what to expect from the local healthcare standards! 

Of course, you will be taking care of your physical health through proper diet, regular exercise, and frequent health checkups. But if something does go wrong, being ill in another country can be a bewildering and overwhelming experience!

Luckily, there is a lot that you can do to build a solid safety net for you and your loved ones while living abroad, get started with the essential tips below. 

Research the Local Healthcare Standards

The first step is to know what to expect from the local healthcare standards. Before living your current life behind, research local healthcare facilities, standards of training, and quality of prescription drugs in your destination. 

Additionally, if you do have a choice, make sure to pick a country with a high-quality healthcare system and efficient medical facilities. While this might be only one of the factors you’ll consider in your choice, it should be up on your list!

Invest in Private Health Insurance

Several countries around the world today offer free or universal health insurance to citizens and residents. However, not all countries provide the same levels of accessibility and quality of care. 

That is why you should consider the benefits of investing in additional coverage. When doing so, keep in mind your unique health needs and shop around for a medical insurance policy that fits your expectations. 

What’s more, make sure to learn about the differences that set international health insurance and travel insurance apart and choose a provider you can trust while in an unfamiliar country. 

Learn More About Endemic Diseases

Not all countries are equally safe and, even if you are moving to a place with high standards of care, you might be exposed to new risks and diseases. That is why, before setting off for your destination, you should learn more about endemic diseases and local threats. 

For example, if you are moving to certain regions of Asia, Africa, the Western Pacific, the Caribbean, or South America, you should consider taking steps to protect yourself and your loved ones from lymphatic filariasis. If you are unsure what to expect, consult your healthcare provider before leaving. 

Get Vaccinated and Stock Up on Prescription Medicines

The availability and quality of vaccines and prescription drugs may vary from one country to another. If you are not sure about your ability to find the medications you need in your destination, consider stocking up on essential prescriptions before leaving your home country. And, keep up with all the necessary vaccinations needed to stay safe while abroad! 

Find Reliable, Internationally-Trained Doctors Before You Go

Navigating an unfamiliar healthcare system while you are ill might be an overwhelming experience. That is why you should make sure to spend some time before leaving learning about the clinics and hospitals in the area where you are relocating to. Ideally, look for trustworthy, English-speaking, and highly trained providers. A great way to determine the suitability of clinics is to look for a JCI accreditation and consult a healthcare provider you can trust. 

Although this research might take time, it will pay off when you are dealing with a health problem in another country!

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