Is Getting Your Windows Professionally Cleaned Worth the Money?

Is Getting Your Windows Professionally Cleaned Worth the Money?

There’s nothing that tarnishes the look of your home inside and out quite like dirty windows. Not only does it stop the sun from shining in how you like, but it destroys that beautiful view of the outdoors.

If you have dirty windows, you might be considering a professional cleaning. But how much does professional window cleaning cost? Is it worth it?

Keep reading to find out.

How Much Does Professional Window Cleaning Cost?

The price of hiring a professional window cleaning service varies depending on a few different conditions.

A professional window cleaner will give you a quote based on how dirty your windows are, how many need to be cleaned, and how easy they are to access. They’ll also consider the number of windows and whether the inside and outside need to be cleaned.

Services may charge you more for screen cleaning, windowsill track cleaning, and deep stain removal.

On average, you can expect to pay around $80-$100 for a smaller window cleaning job, and upwards of $200 for a larger job. The more windows and dirt, the more the cost.

The best way to find out an accurate price is to get an estimate. Most window cleaning services offer free estimates. You can also use an online window cleaning estimate calculator, but the reliability of these is variable.

Shop around at a few window cleaning services before making a decision. Prices also vary from company to company, and you could miss out on a great deal by going with your first choice.

Is Professional Window Cleaning Worth It?

There are a lot of reasons that a professional window cleaning service is worth it.

For starters, if you have a lot of windows that need cleaning, hiring a professional saves you tons of time. You don’t need to lift a finger except to give them a call. That means no messing around with cleaning chemicals, PPE, ladders, and all that jazz.

Besides that, professional window cleaners are exactly that — professionals. They know how to most efficiently clean your windows. They’ll get them sparkling clean without streaks or missed spots.

Professional window cleaners will clean the pieces of your windows that you never touch. These include the tracks, the sill, and everything in between. They know how to properly disassemble a window from its frame and reattach it for the most in-depth cleaning.

While the initial price may seem high if you have a lot of windows, hiring a professional takes away all the busywork. By hiring a pro, you’ll award yourself a lot of free time to do anything else you wish. What’s better than that?

Get Sparkling Windows Today

As you can see, professional window cleaning cost can get fairly high. However, these prices are almost always worth it. You won’t get a better clean yourself, and your home’s aesthetic will never look better.

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