What Does Cultivation Mean (And Why Does It Matter?)

What Does Cultivation Mean (And Why Does It Matter?)

Do you fancy yourself having a green thumb? Are you interested in figuring out how to better grow good food from the comfort of your own backyard?

If so, then you could certainly benefit from a little extra gardening know-how. One of the best ways to start improving the results that you see from your gardening efforts is to begin introducing cultivation to your routine.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the concept of cultivation, showing you how it can improve your plants’ growth.


There’s no doubt that you’ve already seen and heard this word. In a general sense, cultivation is used as a synonym for intentional growth or rearing, specifically within a farming context.

However, what you might not have already known is the fact that cultivation actually refers to two very specific tasks. The first such task is the act of removing those pesky weeds from your garden area that sap up essential nutrients from the soil and kill your plants’ growth.

The second and arguably more important task is that of loosening up the topsoil in your garden. This loosening up action allows more light, air, and water to penetrate the soil. This in turn causes the soil to become even more nutrient-rich, allowing the soil to pass on those nutrients to your plants.

Why Does Cultivation Matter?

Simply put, cultivation matters because you will never able to achieve the maximum potential of your garden’s growth without. A properly cultivated garden will always experience better growth than one that isn’t, all other things held equal.

One of the big trends in gardening facilities these days is the addition of a thermal cultivation facility. These facilities have temperature-controlled environments and LED light sources.

This does two things. One, it allows you to optimize the temperature according to the plant that you are trying to grow. Some plants do better in colder temperatures, while others will only grow in tropical climates. A thermal cultivation system allows you to grow any kind of plant no matter the climate of your location.

Secondly, the additional artificial light sources help to induce photosynthesis in the plants. Without photosynthesis, the plant will never produce fruit. The intense light in a thermal cultivation facility results in greater fruit growth than you might have thought possible!

How Will You Implement Cultivation in Your Garden?

Now that you understand the basic principle of cultivation, you’re ready to start applying it in your own home gardening efforts in order to see better growth from your plants. At the very least, be sure to regularly rake and hoe the soil to loosen it up and rid it of vicious weeds. If you want to go all out, however, you should definitely consider setting up a thermal cultivation facility. If you choose to do so, you’ll soon be reaping the fruits of your efforts at a much larger scale than you could have imagined!

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