Is it Really Safe to Drink Bottled Water?

Is it Really Safe to Drink Bottled Water?

Are you one of those people that assume the water you are drinking is safe.  After all, water arrives in your home from the water treatment center, it has been treated according to the government regulations.

Is it Really Safe to Drink Bottled Water?

Of course, it’s never as simple as that still at.  This is why water filters have become such a popular device at home.  Put simply, a water filter gives you peace of mind. Of the water filter removes chemicals added by the treatment works, these chemicals have been linked to a variety of health issues.  Combining the water treatment process and a water filter gives you high-quality water at home.  

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However, have you ever considered how safe it really is to drink bottled water?

The Truth About Bottled Water

The manufacturers of bottled water would like you to believe that it is safer than tap water.  They do this by ensuring you believe that bottled water is filtered which improves the color, taste, and smell.  However, bottled water can actually be just tap water and is not guaranteed to be contaminant free.

One of the biggest issues with bottled water is the presence of chemicals in the plastic.  As the plastic norms, the chemicals will leech into you’ll water. One of the biggest concerns is BPA which has been shown to damage the brain development of babies

Despite a large campaign to remove BPA from water bottles, many plastic bottles still test positively for BPA.  This is not the only chemical that can leech into your water potentially damaging your health.

This is why manufacturers recommend using a bottle only once.  However, it is still possible for the chemicals to leech into your water.

Another concern is the fact that at least 25% of bottled water is simply tap water, this isn’t illegal. But, it does leave you with the same quality of water as you would get out of your tap. It is much cheaper to get a high-quality water bottle and refill it from home yourself!

An additional issue with this is that the bottled water does not need to meet the same standard as tap water! This means that if it has been contaminated along the way, it can still be processed and sold to you!

Bottled water is often marketed as being better for your health. However, there are no proven benefits in drinking bottled water over tap water, in many cases, they are simply the same thing!

Environmental Concerns

It’s also worth noting that the production and disposal of plastic to make the water bottles is harmful to the environment. Even newer, more environmentally friendly, plastics use in excess of 17 million barrels of oil a year to produce, and they’ll take years to biodegrade back into the soil.

It’s simply not sustainable.

In short, drinking bottled water can damage your health and our planet. Perhaps it’s time you stopped?

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