An Overview of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Causes

An Overview of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Causes

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a medical condition that occurs in the wrists and many people suffer from this disease every now and then. This condition occurs due to the unwanted pressure on the median nerve, which is located in the wrist and is responsible for the functioning of the hand. Some of the noticeable symptoms that occur due to this issue include pain in fingers, joints, hands, arms, unexplained tingling, and numbness. The symptoms may become mild to severe, and a person may also experience weakness in the hands and arms. Before you search for the treatment options for East Brunswick carpal tunnel, it is important to understand various reasons.

Causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It has been observed that some people experience this condition because of the presence of any other underlying condition while others may get this condition because of the tasks in which they were engaged that triggered carpal tunnel syndrome. However, a few of them can be explained as follows:

Aging- One of the factors contributing to this condition is aging. As we grow older, the tissues and bones around the wrist start to weaken.  The pressure on the nerve and daily usage of the wrist can trigger this problem.

Diabetes- Another reason why carpal tunnel syndrome occurs is diabetes. Due to this, nerve compression in the feet and hands occurs. When the median nerve is compressed, the person develops carpal tunnel syndrome.

Injuries on the wrist- It has been observed that if any previous injury to the wrist has not been healed properly. It triggers carpal tunnel syndrome and may result in pain and numbness.

Ganglion cysts- In some cases, the cysts are formed around the wrist that presses the median nerve. They may be present in the surrounding area, but they are able to press the nerve that gives rise to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Treatment options for carpal tunnel syndrome

Depending on the current condition of the patient, such as numbness and pain, a healthcare provider can suggest non-invasive options. If it does not work, the doctor will suggest surgery on your wrist. The pain occurring due to this condition can be rectified with the help of painkillers, visits to chiropractors, and therapies. 

If it does not improve with these measures, surgery is performed to release the pressure on the nerve. The surgery can result in permanent scarring of the wrist. 

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