Linen closet storage hacks you can’t live without

Ah, the linen closet. When it’s neat and tidy, it can be a powerful organisation tool in your home. When it’s messy, it can make the already tedious chore of folding even worse. If you’ve found yourself stuffing towels and sheets into any spare spot available before attempting to shut your linen closet door, it might be time to get your cupboard organised. 

Whether your linen cupboard is large, small, makeshift or even currently nonexistent, keep reading for some storage hacks that will help you organise it.

Clear and cull regularly

Linen closet storage hacks you can't live without

A linen cupboard is a perfect spot for stuffing things throughout the year, then completely forgetting they exist! If you haven’t done it for a while, take the time to pull out every single item from your cupboard. With everything out on display, you can start to cull any unused items. Take this opportunity to give your shelves a good wipe down at the same time, or take it one step further and give the interior of your cupboard a fresh coat of paint.

If there are sheets, towels or anything else you haven’t touched in over a year, or that are looking past their best, separate them from the rest and plan to donate or discard them. 

This clean out will make your life a lot easier, but don’t forget to make it a semi-regular event–- especially if you buy new bedding or towel sets. 

Use baskets to give everything a home

Using baskets is a brilliant way to keep everything looking tidy and uniform, even if you’re not the world’s neatest folder – fitted sheets are a nightmare for all of us. They also make it easier to switch linens according to the seasons, and are brilliant for storing items like bulk toiletries.

Alternatively, you can use clear containers so you can see what each item is at a glance, while still keeping them contained. Shelf dividers are another practical solution. 

Some practical tips

If you’re planning to go to the shops to buy baskets or containers, take a large piece of paper and cut it to fit the size of your shelves. That way you can take it with you to work out what fits without having to estimate, saving yourself the hassle of having to return items later. 

Once you have everything nicely organised in baskets, don’t forget to label each of them so you remember what items it contains! This will save you rummaging around to find what you need.

Organise and sort

Linen closet storage hacks you can't live without

Next, decide how you’d like to sort your linen. There are no hard-and-fast rules here, and what works for one person might not work for another. You might want to store sheet and towel sets together to switch out at the same time, separate your linens by size, or keep your guest room sheets in their own basket. 

Here are some other tips to consider: 

  • Keep everyday items within easy sight and reach, and keep out-of-season items on higher or back shelves.
  • Fold sheet sets together so they make a handy bundle to pull out when it’s time to remake your bed – and take it one step further by storing that bundle in the matching pillowcase.
  • Try having a different colour towel for each person in your family, as well as guests.

Whether you fold or roll your towels will come down to personal preference, but if you’ve never considered rolling, it’s a particularly effective way to make your linen look neat and tidy. It also works well if you have narrow shelves. If you choose to fold, keep the folding style consistent for all items for a cohesive look.

Have a ‘catch-all’ space

If you have room to place a large bin or basket at the bottom of the cupboard, it can become a great place to store toilet rolls, paper towels or other cleaning supplies. Alternatively, keep it as a ‘miscellaneous’ spot to store things that don’t otherwise have a home to keep these items from cluttering up your home and your neatly organised cupboard! Go through this bin from time to time and see if you can find better storage places for any items you’ve left there.

Linen cupboard hacks if you don’t actually have a linen cupboard

Linen closet storage hacks you can't live without

If you don’t have a dedicated linen cupboard in your home, don’t despair. There are plenty of creative solutions that can be harnessed to give you space to store sheets, towels and other necessities, even in areas within public view:

  • Purchase cube storage with baskets – you could keep this in your living room and no-one will ever know you’re using it for linen storage.
  • Use the shelving space in an in-built or freestanding wardrobe.
  • Display your linens openly, with the benefit of letting them air to protect them from mould and moths.

With all these steps completed, you’d be forgiven for feeling like Wonder Woman. The satisfaction you’ll feel from reclaiming your linen cupboard and organising it in a stylish yet practical manner will encourage you to keep it tidy year-round. 

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