Keeping Your Pool In Good Order

Keeping Your Pool In Good Order

Having a pool in the garden is a little bit of a luxury – and a total blessing in the warmer months. But to make sure that your pool is well kept, here are some tips that can help your pool be sparkling and clean all year around. 

Pool cleaners

Professional pool cleaning is a must; while there is a lot that we can DIY, a professional pool cleaner is worth paying for. They will be able to make sure that the rest of the maintenance is much easier. 


There are a few types of pool vacuum: pressure, cushion, and robotic. How invested you want to be in terms of time will dictate which vacuum you should opt for. Pool vacuums help remove any of the debris settling on the bottom of your pool in between professional cleaning.


Any floating items should be scooped up every day. Using a simple pool net will lift all sizes of debris. The closer you live to trees, the more likely it is that you will have insects and leaves floating in the pool. 

A pool cover will be able to ward off most of these, but if you leave the pool uncovered for large portions of the day, you will most likely end up with some things that need to be scooped up. 


Your filter will be running 24/7 to make sure that your water is clean and healthy to swim in. There are three very popular models of filter that people opt for, cartridge, vertical grid DE, and sand. Each type of filter will have a set of instructions to help you maintain it – and a recommended schedule. 

No matter the cleaning schedule, you should check the pool filter weekly and remove any of the debris that has built up. 

Something to keep an eye on is that when the filter gauge reads between 8-10 psi or is higher than what you usually expect, you’ll need to backwash the pool


Your pump plays a big role in making sure that the water you will swim in is properly filtered; since your pool will have a chemical cleaning element, having the correct pumps, pump strainers, drains, filter, and skimmer are essential. 

Make sure that your pump is run long enough each day to keep the water filtered correctly. 

Chemical testing 

How often you use your pool will impact how often you need to check the pool’s chemical balance. Chemicals are added to the pool daily with the system, and it is a combination of sanitisers and disinfectants to keep bacteria and algae at bay. You’ll need to adjust the level of chemicals in the pool as required. 

Shock treatments can be used if there has been a build-up of dirt, bacteria, or algae too. 

Keeping your pool in good condition extends its lifespan, but it also means that you know the water is safe to swim in at all times. 

Keeping your pool clean and chemically balanced is part of pool safety: Safe Summer Splashes: Pool Safety For You and Your Family – Shabby Chic Boho

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