Look Young Again with Anti-Aging Hormone Replacement in Plano, TX

Look Young Again with Anti-Aging Hormone Replacement in Plano, TX

While we all age with time, you have more control over the effects of aging than you may realize. Hormones play the most significant role in aging. This means that replacing the decreased or depleted hormones in your body can help you turn back the clock on how you feel and your appearance. At The Riegel Center, Christopher Riegel, MD, the Plano anti-aging & hormone specialist, provides individualized anti-aging hormone replacement you require to feel and look younger again. To find out more about the treatment, call or schedule an appointment online today!

How Do Hormones Affect Aging in Women?

Hormones play a massive role in the aging process of both men and women. With aging, your body produces fewer hormones, and the cells have fewer hormone receptors. Eventually, this results in unwelcome aging changes in your body. Some definite ways that hormones affect aging in women include;

  •         Reduced progesterone

Progesterone plays an essential role in fighting anxiety and depression and acts as a natural sleep aid. Without sufficient progesterone, you become susceptible to stress, exhaustion, and other factors that make your body age quickly.

  •         Reduced estrogen

With aging, particularly during menopause, women experience low estrogen levels. Reduced estrogen levels cause depletion of hyaluronic acid and collagen. This results in thinning and dry skin along with wrinkles and lines. Reduced estrogen levels might also make you feel tired and slow down your metabolism, causing weight gain.  

How Does Testosterone Influence Aging?

Progesterone and estrogen are not the only essential hormones for women. Reduced testosterone levels can cause aging effects to both men and women. Testosterone has similar useful skin effects as estrogen. Men with low levels of testosterone normally have thinning and wrinkled skin as well as weight gain. While testosterone is mostly considered a male hormone, it can also help women fight aging skin and maintain weight.

How Does Thyroid Hormone Levels Affect Aging?

Low thyroid levels can activate the signs of aging. Individuals with low thyroid hormone often experience aging signs like brittle nails, thinning hair, and unhealthy-looking skin, as well as mental effects such as poor concentration. On the other hand, extremely high thyroid hormone levels can cause physical problems such as tremors, nervousness, and poor sleep management.

How Does Anti-Aging Hormone Replacement Work?

Undertaking bioidentical hormone therapy can effectively fight your aging signs. At The Riegel Center, Dr. Riegel is an expert in developing anti-aging hormone replacement formulas and prescribed an individualized therapy for your specific hormone levels and personal needs. The doctor will then evaluate your blood hormone levels at one, three, and six months for maintenance. If you require any adjustment, he will change your prescription for the maximum effect. Additionally, Dr. Riegel provides convenient psychiatric consultations to help with reduced neurotransmitter function, a common issue with aging and particular illnesses. The doctor also provides other types of aesthetic procedures to effectively restore your young-looking self, including anti-inflammatory therapy, antioxidant therapy, and telomere lengthening.

In conclusion, if you wish to turn back your aging clock, the experienced team at The Riegel Center provides comprehensive anti-aging solutions for both women and men. Call or book an appointment online today!

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