Here are 5 Fantastic Facts About Retainers

Here are 5 Fantastic Facts About Retainers

Crooked teeth and a misaligned bite can be effectively managed through orthodontic treatments like using braces. But for optimal benefits, it is good you wear retainers to maintain your teeth in the new perfect position. If you have just completed using braces, you can get a retainer in Flushing for the retaining phase of your treatment. This will prevent your teeth from shifting due to genetics and other factors. The custom-designed orthodontic device is more comfortable than braces and offers support to your treatment. Read on to explore more about the appliances.

Retainers Come in Varieties

Several options for retainers exist, and you only choose the most suitable for you based on your unique needs. Traditionally, retainers were all removable and made with a silvery wire and out of pink plastic. But today, you can choose different patterns, colors and request a customized retainer as you wish it to be. But the traditional braces still exist up to date in case you consider them the best for you. You can even get clear retainers fixed into your teeth, so others will not notice you are wearing them. Also, you can get the retainers fixed to your teeth rather than having the removable option.

Retainers Will Stabilize Your Bite

A relapse is possible after using braces, but retainers can prevent that. Wearing the retainers for about 12-22 hours every day will provide your teeth with ample time to adapt to their new position. The new arrangement in your mouth will stabilize over time, minimizing the chances of a relapse. Your teeth will not shift back to their early position. You will retain your new bite eliminating bite problems you might have had.

You Do Not Need to Wear Your Retainers Always

It is crucial to have your retainers most of the day, especially immediately after removing braces. But you will have to wear the appliances less over time as your teeth stabilize in their new position. Listen to your provider carefully to understand how you will adjust gradually and end up wearing retainers only at night. This will ensure that your treatment process ends slowly and gently. It also provides an opportunity to find your way into your new smile.

Retainers Aid in Accommodating New Teeth

Braces are mainly worn by teenagers whose bodies are still developing. If you use braces when your wisdom teeth are yet to emerge, you can use retainers to maintain space for the new emerging teeth. This will prevent you from overcrowding or shifting due to a lack of space in your mouth. Also, you can consider consulting your provider about braces for your teenage children and how they will help them accommodate wisdom teeth.

Retainers Can Serve You a Lifetime

The duration retainers last depend on the type you are using. When using clear plastic retainers, you will have to replace them every 2-6 years. Metal retainers can last up to ten years, while permanent retainers last up to 20 years. But you ought to provide better care for your retainers to last long. Consult your provider on the essential self-help tips to include in your oral health routine to maintain your retainers.

Learn how to prevent your teeth from getting back to their position after using braces by contacting the House of Braces expert team of orthodontists. Your provider will evaluate your situation and recommend the most suitable retainers for you.

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