Making The Home Eco-Friendly Is Common Sense

Making The Home Eco-Friendly Is Common Sense

If you go out into the rural parts of any country, you’ll be met with a swathe of eco-friendly homes. This is because they use natural materials, such as wood, wool, cotton, linen and various other fibers such as silk and animal fur. However, it’s only when you go into the cities where you suddenly see the sheer lack of eco-friendly homes. The suburbs have only just begun to become much more eco-friendly and it’s little wonder why. A home that is green, makes perfect sense. They are more natural, more affordable and they don’t cost a fortune to maintain. Here are just a few examples.

Sustainable flooring

Wooden flooring is extremely popular. Throughout time, hardwood floors have been at the height of social prestige, economic solutions and above all else, style. Sustainable wooden flooring is something you should consider for your own home. Not only will the wood be harvested economically, but the wood will be picked for its unique style and strength. How does it work? For one tree cut down, it is replaced. New trees are sewn in the land. However, many times, fell trees are harvested so the tree has come to its natural end. This prevents damage to the forest that would naturally occur and gives you as a homeowner the security of knowing your hardwood floor has not been made from logging.

Make the home eco-friendly (literally)

Okay so we’re focussing on eco-friendly homes, so why not just make it eco-friendly right from the beginning? These transportable homes are made from eco-friendly materials and the shape, size and materials are all your choice. So you have more control not just over the cost, but also, over how eco-friendly it will be. If you don’t need a 3 or 4-bedroom home, then a granny flat is one such option. This isn’t just great for new homeowners, but for those who are retiring. The flat will be easy to maintain, make use of natural materials, and provide you with comfort and convenience due to the design being totally your own.

Sedum roof 

Why not literally go green? By fitting sedum plants to your roof, not only will you make the air around your home healthier, but you will also attract more wildlife. The roof will of course remain waterproof and strong, but the sedum plants will produce tons of oxygen all year round. Sedum plants have been used in major architectural and infrastructure projects. They are easy to maintain as a little bit of rainwater will give them all the food they need. Sedum plants can come in green, red, purple and yellow. So it’s not a plain green roof that you would imagine. It will look like a living, growing roof that changes as the seasons revolve.

Making your home eco-friendly isn’t just old news, it’s common sense. It will become more affordable, become cleaner and give your home a different feel and look. Start off small and then get bolder. 

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