Men’s Hair Products Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Men's Hair Products Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Every man deserves to be able to style their hair the way they want to. However, the The one only issue here can be that everyone has vastly different hair types. Some could have thick and dense natural hair, while some could have smooth but somewhat frizzy hair. Luckily, men’s hair care products come in all shapes, sizes, and uses. This helps out, especially in suiting various different styles and types of hair. Men’s hair products have a great range, whether you talk about price, quality, or just the different categories of products that exist. So, which product is the absolute best for you?

This guide can help you determine it for sure. Let’s get it out of the way first; some brands like Park Avenue and BBlunt will always be some of the best and most picked hair styler products. For that reason, this post will not talk about brands. Instead, we’ll focus solely on the products themselves. What makes a good product? It depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for particularly shiny hair with a good hold, some of the good hair styling gels out there can really help you out. Are you just looking for regular hold and normal shine, wax could be perfect. Let’s list down the essential men’s hair products.

Essential men’s hair products

  • Hair Pomade- This hair styling product is great for the smooth and shiny head. It can also be used as a water-based pomade. There are three types of hair pomades:

  • Clean – never have buildup and leave a clean style with no dandruff or flakes
  • Matte – for a sleek and smooth style that’s very shiny, with no flaking
  • Groomed – as the name says, it’s great for men that want to get their heads groomed. It provides an all-over smooth finish, but it also adds some hold.

 Pomades can have a medium to low grip on the hair and provide about the same kind of shine to the hair.

  • Hair-Spray 

This men’s hair styling product can also be used as a water-based pomade. It provides medium hold and a little bit of shine. This is great for men that have slightly wavy or curly hair. Hair spray can be great for those with thin hair or those that want their hair to look thicker, but don’t want to use too much gel. Hair sprays are generally great for getting that shiny well-groomed hair.

  • Wax

 This hair styling is great for those that like the look of mousse but just want the added shine without having a hard time combing their hair out later. Waxes provide great definition to that hair of yours and provide a solid grip to those that require more of it. Wax is just right for those who have curly, wavy, or super straight hair. 

  • Hair Gel

 There are so many types of gels on the market right now. Everyone seems to have their own favourite. The newest trend seems to be the ones with light hold and low shine. One of the most popular men’s hair products right now is this brand called BBlunt. It smells amazing and provides a nice texture and natural hold to your hair without being crunchy. If preference is more on light hold, then this is perfect for styling.

  • Hair Spray Gel

 Similar to the spray gels above, but go on thicker, providing more hold than just a regular hair spray. This men’s hair styling product is great for those that want to keep their hair in place all day long or are simply looking for a stronger hold than what’s provided by the classic hair spray. These products also go on clear, unlike some other gels, which can be lighter shades of colour and give off an unnatural look.

  • Hair Clay

 Hair clay is a new and very interesting men’s hair product. It provides a unique texture to your hair that no other men’s styling product can. They tend to go on the kind of waxy, unlike the oily texture of pomade or wax. They can be used as a base to start off your hairstyle, hair extension or they can be used by themselves to add some character to your current style.

  • Hair Cream

 Hair creams are usually for guys with really thick or curly hair. These products are able to provide a stronger hold than most other products. Hair creams are great for those who want to avoid having hair fall out in the middle of the day, and are generally more effective than other products on the market today.

  • Hair Styling Powder

 This men’s hair product is a unique one. It can be used as a dry shampoo or styling powder. It provides texture to your hair and can be great for those with short hair that cannot use thick products like gel because it will weigh their hair down. It’s like having your cake and eating it too.

  • Hair Shaper

 This men’s hair product is great for curly-haired guys out there because it gives you an even and very natural shape to your curls. This product is also great for giving you some extra volume if you want fine textured hair that isn’t naturally very thick or voluminous.

  • Shampoos And Conditioners

Shampoos and conditioners are great for the gentle cleansing of your hair. Conditioners can also be great for styling because some of them provide a nice lift to your hair. This can be great for guys with short or medium-length hair who are looking to add some volume to their hair. Cleaning your scalp at the end of the day is just as important as styling your hair, so be very watchful in what you choose. Choose the The Beer Shampoo from Park Avenue is particularly famous and recommended for good reason. These are some perfect men’s hair styling product.


Men's Hair Products Guide: Everything You Need To Know

A wide array of beard grooming kits and hair products for men’s long hair and short hair are always present. This means that most men have to vigorously look through pages and pages of E-commerce websites or shelves of a store. But, going with a recommended brand and keeping up regular hygiene can usually be a game-changer.

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