How to Have a Good Hair Day, Every Day

How to Have a Good Hair Day, Every Day

You might be dressed to impress, with killer accessories and a winning smile – but you feel like something just isn’t working. A bad hair day is enough to ruin even the best outfit. It can also leave you lacking confidence and feeling like you want to shy away. But you don’t have to put up with a bad hair day. Here are some tips for you to banish bad hair days forever, and always have your locks looking luscious. 

Invest in the right shampoo and conditioner

Finding the right shampoo and conditioner is absolutely key to a good hair day. Get to know your hair type, then investigate what works! For example, if you tend towards more oily hair, you’ll want to get a gentle purifying shampoo and a light conditioner, which you’ll only apply to the tips. Stay well clear of formulas aimed at dry hair, as they’ll likely weigh your hair down and make it feel greasy. If you have curly or afro hair, these hair types can be prone to dryness, so invest in a luxurious and nourishing conditioner to leave your curls bouncy. 

Apply serums and oils

No matter your hair type, a good serum or oil can keep your locks looking luscious. If you have dry hair, flyaways, or frizz, then argan oil will be your friend. Coconut oil can help strengthen and promote hair growth and is also great for your scalp. If you feel like your hair is thin and prone to breakage, try out some keratin-infused oil. Visit Allurium Beauty, for some tips on how you can tell the difference between new growth and hair breakage.  Depending on your hair type, you can apply oils as an all-over treatment and wash them off after the recommended time, or you can apply a tiny amount to the ends of your hair. Give it a try and see how much more shiny and healthy your hair looks.

How to Have a Good Hair Day, Every Day

Wash your hair the right amount

Did you know that you can overwash your hair? Most people’s hair doesn’t need to be washed every day. In fact, many people find they only need to wash their hair once a week. It’s essential to strike the right balance for you. Washing too often will dry out your hair and leave your scalp irritated, but you obviously want your hair to stay looking fresh and buoyant.

If you’re going to go a bit longer between washes, dry shampoo is convenient to freshen up in between times. You can either buy a good quality spray from the store or use a little cornstarch around your hairline, which you then brush out (if your hair is dark, use cocoa powder instead). It can take a little while to get your hair adjusted to a new routine, so if you find it’s a bit oily at first, experiment with a different hairstyle, or camouflage it with hair accessories. 

Get the right tools for the job 

They say an artist is only as good as her tools, so make sure yours mean a good hair day is inevitable. The right tools will depend on your hair type and texture. But some good go-to options are a diffuser, a decent curling tong/straightening iron, and a brush that’s perfect for your hair. Did you know you can even get a straightening hairbrush? Using a special turban hair towel can make sure your hair gets the best start after washing. Bobby pins can be used to tame and control your hair, so not a single strand is out of place, or you can use a headband to sweep unruly hair back. 

How to Have a Good Hair Day, Every Day


Whether your hair is acting out, or just needs jazzing up, accessorizing is the way to go. A beautiful clip or pair of hair sticks can set off your outfit nicely and make your hair look more put together, instantly. You can also use accessories to disguise hair that has seen better days. Get a range of hats and caps that will go with any outfit, or use scarves to add some glamor. If you want to protect your hair from elements like heat, humidity, and pollution, use head scarves made with satin. That way, you’ll get to look stylish while keeping your hair sleek and healthy. 

Experiment with hairstyles 

Everyone needs a handful of styles they can rock at a moment’s notice. It’s so worth investing a couple of hours studying Youtube tutorials or getting a friend to help you with new tricks for your tresses. Braids, messy buns, or a classic half up and half down look will revitalize your appearance when hair is looking limp of lack-luster. A perfect ponytail never goes amiss either. Add some serum to make it sleek and smooth, or tease the hair at your crown and back-comb the tail for a more undone look. If you like to wear clip-in extensions or wigs, make sure you keep them in fabulous condition so you can pick them up at a moment’s notice – you never know when you’ll want them for a last-minute pick-me-up. 

Sleep right 

If you want your hair looking fabulous every day, set yourself up for greatness by making the most of your time spent sleeping. Do you ever wake up with static or messed up hair that is almost impossible to fix? Wear a silk or satin cap at night to shield your hair from friction against the pillow as you sleep. This also helps to lock in moisture, so it’s ideal to wear if you’re applying an overnight hair treatment.

For people with bangs, it can really help to pin them back before hitting the pillow, so that they don’t get oily overnight, especially if you wear a heavy lotion on your face. Then when you unpin them in the morning, just give a light spritz of water and comb any kinks out.  If you like to curl your hair, you could also sleep with rollers in to save you time styling in the morning. Just opt for the soft ones, so they’re not too uncomfortable. 

Hopefully this has given you the inspiration you need to have a great hair day, every day! 


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