Hair Replacements vs. Wigs: What’s Better?

Hair Replacements vs. Wigs: What's Better?

Around one in five Americans suffer from hair loss. There are many reasons why hair loss is an issue but it means that hair replacements are very popular.

And those seeking hair restorations have so much choice. There are wigs, weaves, transplants, extensions, toupees, and hair replacement systems.

Wigs and hair replacements are two of the best options. But which one is better? This guide covers the hair replacement vs wigs argument and settles the score!

What Is a Hair Replacement?

Hair replacements are a type of non-surgical hair restoration where natural or synthetic hair is attached to the scalp. It is a semi-permanent procedure where the hair is glued or bonded so it stays in place.

Unlike wigs, hair replacement systems are often applied to the part of the head where the individual is experiencing hair loss. In an ideal situation, a trained hairstylist fits the hair replacement so it looks natural and professional.

Hair replacement systems need frequent maintenance and last around 15 weeks or so in total. You can shower and swim with a hair replacement system and wash your hair as normal.

Is Hair Replacement Invasive?

When comparing to transplant surgery, hair replacements are not invasive at all. A hair replacement system is suitable for both permanent and temporary hair loss. And the individual will receive instant results.

You can remove hair replacements at any time. Unlike hair transplants, you can also choose the hair texture and color.

Are Weaves the Same as Hair Replacement?

People who have experienced some hair loss may also want to consider weaves. Weaves are like hair replacement systems because they also blend into your existing natural hair.

But they are more like extensions as they are sewn, glued, or clipped into your hair to make it appear thicker. They do not always make your hair look longer. This is what extensions are for.

And wigs vs weaves? You do not need any existing hair to rock a wig, but you will need some natural hair to build on to consider a weave.

Why Are Wigs So Popular and What Are the Benefits?

Stars like the Kardashians are rocking wigs even without suffering from hair loss to mix up their style. Using wigs will protect your natural hair from the damaging effects of over-styling or overcoloring.

The main benefit to wigs is the fact that people with no existing natural hair can wear them. They do not rely on any natural hair growth. And they are also not permanent so the wearer can switch up their style every day.

There is also a huge selection of synthetic and natural hair wigs available for a range of budgets.

Verdict: Hair Replacements or Wigs?

There are good reasons why wigs are better for some people experiencing hair loss than others. But for most people, hair replacements look more natural and are easier to maintain than wigs.

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