Milestone Birthdays- All You Need for A Perfect Birthday Bash

Milestone Birthdays- All You Need for A Perfect Birthday Bash

Milestones birthdays mark a landmark birthday year, such as 1st birthdays, 16th or 18th birthdays, 21st birthdays, 30th birthdays, 40th birthdays, 50th birthdays, and the list perpetuates. Generally, adults stop throwing birthday parties to commemorate older birthdays each year. These significant birthdays are days when adults take time to embrace their life journey and celebrate it with their near and dear ones. Hence, milestone birthdays call for enormous and elaborate parties.

A breakthrough birthday demands an out-of-the-box celebration. A plethora of themes, ideas, and approaches to choose from, but hark back to the person’s personality to make sure that you capture the essence of the individual in a way that makes them feel special and loved. Explore the ideas below to celebrate your own or to plan a special someone’s Milestone Birthdays.

RAK Days:

Kindness doesn’t need an occasion. But which day can be a better one than a milestone birthday to shower some Random Act of Kindness (RAK). As little as distributing a few packets of biscuits or sweets or books to the orphans, spending some quality time at any old age home or turning your cause into a celebration can lighten up their big day.

Arrange a Karaoke Party:

Looks basic? Worry not. A party full of non-singers trying their best to sing can turn into a laughter riot and a memorable experience. A playlist that covers songs from old-gold to raps, romantic songs to party numbers can roll the attendees on the dance floor. 

Sports Party:

You can either host a screening of a local, national or international sporting event or arrange their favorite sport’s tournament among their friends and family.

Record a video birthday message from family and friends:

A smile can pave its way to the heart. A video message from their near and dear ones can break all the levels of their happiness meter and put them on cloud nine. If you wish to know the perfect way to create a video birthday gift for your loved ones, then visit celebrate.

A trip with your friends:

That long-planned and postponed trip can take the driver’s seat now. Explore a new city or a country and ring in your milestone birthday miles away from the clutter of day-to-day life. 

A solo trip:

Strike off that solo trip dream from the ever-waiting bucket list. A backpack and a good camera: your perfect travel buddies would love to stroll out with you. Enjoy your own company and live-on new experiences.You can  use esim while traveling to keep engaged with your loved ones. 

Get Inked:

Every year on your birthday, you get a chance to start new. A meaningful tattoo to mark your milestone birthday. A gift for life: a new tattoo that expresses your personality.

Create a Scrapbook:

Friends and family can come together and piece some of their photos and memories to create a beautiful scrapbook as a memento.

Say goodbye to the fear:

Take up an adventure trip or an adventure sport to make the landmark birthday a history. You will always be thankful to yourself for choosing this day to overcome your fears.

Decade-themed party: 

A decade-themed birthday party can resurface a nostalgic memory. It can leave them reminiscing about the era that shaped them into who they are today.

Scavenger Hunt Party:

Be a kid again. Make a list of items to hunt that need some effort in convincing the attendees. Divide everyone into groups. Start the hunt and the fun. The more creative the hunting list, the funnier the hunt will be. Excitement Guaranteed.

Romantic Dinner with spouse:

Who needs a crowd when the spouse is your life. A beautiful ambiance, a candlelight dinner, and a band playing their favorite romantic number. A date night to cherish forever.

Host a Then and Now Photoshoot:

When all the fond members are together, take an opportunity to recreate the old memories. A recreation of old photos or create something new from the scratch. A moment lived is a memory created after all.

Pool party:

If the celebration is in warmer months, what could be better than a chilling pool party. Send a message to the attendees to grab their swimwear and be ready to rock the milestone birthday.

A vineyard getaway:

A vineyard trip with loved ones; freshly crushed grapes at the winery and sipping some old wine. What can be a better way to celebrate aging?

Go on a shopping spree:

Man or woman, new things excite all. An excuse to spend a little extra on yourself. Buy a thing or two that will make you smile.

Book a spa getaway:

A relaxing spa in the outskirts or in nature’s lap. Research spas that have the best massages, soaking pools, or even views, and head there for a weekend.

Which one of these approaches suits your personality? How will your next milestone birthday party be pulled off? We love to hear from you. Do let us know your choices in the comments.

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