Throw the Perfect Party for Any Occasion

Throw the Perfect Party for Any Occasion

Throw the Perfect Party for Any Occasion

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A party is the ultimate way to celebrate life’s defining moments with family and friends. From baby showers and 1st birthdays to Bar Mitzvahs, graduations, weddings and anniversaries; there are endless occasions to enjoy.

When you’re throwing a party, however, you’ll want to do everything you can to make it perfect. No matter what the event, it’s important to plan ahead and get things right. If you want to host the best event of the season, be sure to check out these top party-planning tips…

  1. Choose the space carefully

Whether you’re throwing a barbecue at home or a wedding at a fancy venue, how you use the space available will be critical to the success of the event. People often make the mistake of using a venue that’s too large for the celebration, which can give the whole place an empty feeling. 

When there’s too much space, people are less likely to mingle and chat to new faces. This can lead to small groups of people spending the entire event together and means you’ll miss out on the unifying feeling that a celebration offers. 

Although it’s important to have enough space for your guests, be careful not to have too much space available. If you’re having a small gathering at home, for example, you could close the dining room off so that guests congregate in living areas instead. Alternatively, at a hired venue, use a smaller room for an initial drinks reception, so that people have more time to get to know one another before moving to a larger area. 

  1. Make it personal

If you have friends that are roughly the same age as you, you might find yourself going to numerous parties throughout the year. If everyone in your friendship circle turns 30 in the same year, for example, you could be celebrating non-stop. However, it’s important that each event is personal to the celebrant. 

Attending a never-ending circle of events can get tedious, however much effort the host or hostess puts in. By focusing on the celebrant, you can find ways to add personal touches. Whether you choose a specific venue to reflect their interests, share custom candy for baby showers, ask everyone to share a story of the special guest or re-visit a first date location for an anniversary celebration, you’ll find that the personal emphasis makes the event unique. What’s more, a unique touch means your event will be remembered for all the right reasons! 

  1. Set your budget

You don’t have to spend a fortune to throw an awesome event. In fact, some of the most joyous celebrations are ones that have been arranged on a shoestring budget. When planning an event, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest ‘must-haves’ but think twice about what they’ll really bring to the occasion. Fancy paper invites are nice but, if they’re out of your budget, opt for a free e-invite and RSVP website instead. 

Similarly, if you’re hiring a venue for your party, don’t feel pressured into choosing an extravagant or decadent venue. If you blow your budget on one aspect of the party, you’re going to have to skimp in other areas. Furthermore, you won’t enjoy your own event if you’re worrying about the financial implications. People are attending to celebrate with you, not to gauge how much you’ve spent. With personal touches and a focus on fun, you can throw an epic celebration on any budget. 

  1. Start off with a bang

People tend to remember the beginning and end of an event more than the middle, yet these are two areas that hosts focus on the least. When you’re planning your next party, be sure to think about how you want to greet people and what’s first on the agenda.

Of course, launching an event doesn’t have to be a formal or fancy process. Perhaps spend a moment telling everyone why you wanted to celebrate with them or have special drinks ready to serve once everyone’s arrived. As well as making everybody feel welcome, this brings people together from the get-go and encourages people to talk to other guests they may not know. 

For larger events, you may want to do something special at the end of the night too. A firework spectacular, singalong or simply sharing highlights of the event can be a fun way to leave things on a high. 

  1. Create your own rules

As the host, it’s up to you how the party operates. By enforcing some rules, you can help guests to feel more comfortable and keep the event on the right track. Perhaps announce a topic and encourage everyone to share their thoughts or request that every guest shares their most recent embarrassing moment.

Most people will rely on polite small talk unless they’re encouraged to do otherwise, and this can result in the event feeling a little flat. With a bit of persuasion and some funny rules to follow, you’ll find that guests will open up more, relax and have a more enjoyable time. 

While you may want to avoid the most contentious topics, it can be good to give people an avenue to share whatever’s on their mind. When you’re hosting dinner for close friends and family, for example, it’s the perfect time to let loose and share your feelings. 

Enjoying any event

When you’re hosting a celebration, it can be beneficial to spend less time focusing on the practicalities and more on the interactions between your guests. Typically, hosts will spend hours planning the menu and preparing food but no time thinking about potential dinner party topics to get guests talking. 

Similarly, you might be used to introducing guests to one another with a quick greeting, but this can leave them struggling to find something to chat about. By spending more time planning how people will interact and how you can make them feel most comfortable, you’ll find that your events are infinitely more enjoyable – for you and your guests. 

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