Misconceptions About the ACL Injuries and Their Truths

Misconceptions About the ACL Injuries and Their Truths

Are you a professional athlete or enjoy engaging in sports? If yes, it is essential to start building a good relationship with an orthopedic surgeon & sports medicine specialist at Brick City Orthopedics. You want to have someone to count on if you get an injury or teach you how to avoid them. The clinic offers a wide range of services including sports medicine, platelet-rich plasma, rotator cuff, arthroscopic knee surgery, shoulder replacement, hip pain, hip replacement, knee pain, and Bayonne ACL tear cases.

The misconceptions and truth of ACL injuries

By the time you consider seeing a sports pain specialist, it means you are worried about how an injury can impact your body. For example, an injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) of the knee can affect its ability to avoid twisting out of place. So, it means any tear can cause instability in the knee, affecting your ability to perform physical exercises effectively. However, there are some most common misconceptions about ACL injuries that most people have. Read on to find out the truth about ACL injuries.

ACL injuries are only associated with sports

While ACL tears are most commonly associated with athletes because they are at high risk for the injury, any active person can still get the injury as long as they are active. So, if you feel your knee is in pain or pops out at the moment of injury, you may qualify for ACL therapy even if you are not an athlete.

Direct impacts cause ACL injuries

Though impacts such as hitting a ball or falling on your knees can trigger an ACL injury, it does not mean you cannot get it from other unavoidable circumstances. Any activity that makes your knees to make sudden twists can easily cause an ACL injury. Any form of twisting, tripping, or slipping can cause a tear.

Recovery takes eternity

If you have been diagnosed with an ACL injury, one of your biggest worries is how long it will take to recover. While recovering from an ACL injury may not be instant, it does not mean you cannot lead an everyday life. It is your knee that is suffering an injury and not the rest of your body. Remember, the recovery process differs from person to person depending on age, physical stature, and the seriousness of the injury.

ACL injuries can only be treated through surgery

While an ACL injury may be a sign of bone dislocation in the knees, it does not mean the only way to correct it is through surgery. If you have suffered from this injury, you can still lead a normal life after undergoing non-invasive treatments such as physiotherapy and medications.

Contact Brick City Orthopedics for ACL Injury

An ACL injury can affect your life quality in different ways, even if you are not a professional athlete. Seeing a sports medicine specialist is the best bet you have at ensuring you do not suffer the consequences. For more information on how a sports medicine specialist can help you, consult your doctor.

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