How to Restore Your Dazzling Smile

How to Restore Your Dazzling Smile

A bright smile gives you confidence as you interact with people each day during your daily activities. All of us would like to share that smile, but that may not be possible when you have crooked teeth. That is why your Bronx Invisalign® specialist has come up with a solution to give you the smile you have always desired.

Invisalign is a type of orthodontic treatment to straighten your smile, using clear plastic aligner trays, according to this reputable family dentist oakland. It is good for you to know the benefits of this procedure before settling on it to restore your smile. These include: 

  •         Invisalign provides precise treatment because they use digital imaging to create the trays.
  •         The trays are entirely removable. You can take them out to clean your teeth, floss, eat, and drink.  
  •         It takes 18 months to align your teeth rather than the traditional braces, which take 18 months to 3 years.

What to expect during treatment

Your doctor will first ascertain your suitability for the procedure. Another consideration is your ability to keep the trays intact on your teeth for 22 hours a day.


Your orthodontist will request you to have an X-ray done, including thorough records of your teeth. She will take your teeth impression to help her create a digital teeth model for your retainer. It will also help your orthodontist to determine how your teeth will move during your entire treatment.

You will need more than one set of Invisalign retainers during your treatment to allow your orthodontist to make sure your teeth are moving correctly into alignment.

Receiving your Invisalign retainers

After creating the impression of your teeth, your orthodontist will send your records to the lab so that the retainers can be designed.  

After that, you will receive your custom Invisalign retainer set, which will help move your teeth into alignment. Your orthodontist will recommend you take out your retainer to eat or brush. How often you will need new retainers will depend on the condition of your teeth. If your teeth are too out of alignment, your treatment will take longer, and you will need to replace your aligner more than other patients.

After receiving your Invisalign retainers

Your orthodontist will help you schedule an appointment after every six to eight weeks to check how your Invisalign treatment progresses. During the appointment, your orthodontist may provide you with a new set of Invisalign retainers, depending on how your treatment is going.

What to expect after you begin wearing retainers


Your teeth and gums may start to feel compressed when you wear your retainers because your Invisalign retainer works to straighten your teeth.

Slight interruptions in speech

Your speech patterns will change, and you will begin to notice a slight lisp during the first few days of your treatment because your tongue tries to adjust to the retainer, taking up space in your mouth. After your tongue adjusts, the lisp will begin to fade.

For more information on Invisalign treatment, call or book an appointment online with Nishita Gandhi, DDS.

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