Moms, Get Over Yourselves! No, Seriously!

Moms, Get Over Yourselves! No, Seriously!

On the face of it, moms are the strongest people on the planet. No matter the issue, they respond as if they are superheroes without the tight costume and cape. I am a supermom, and I fight crime… while also looking after the kids and holding down a job. Although some people seem immune to judgment, everyone suffers from self-conscious feelings. For moms, it usually happens at the gym surrounded by women and men with tight bodies. A little bit of flab here and a stretch mark there and it becomes a cauldron of self-criticism. Well, ladies, it’s time you got over yourselves by taking a look at the following tips.

#1: Remember That No One Is Perfect

Do you see the person whose body you envy? The one in the tight yoga pants who has zero cares in the world? Well, she wasn’t that way, benching weights as if she has superhuman strength. Like all the people in the gym, she worked her way to the top through hard work and determination. And, you can do the same by remembering that no one is perfect. Okay, there may be a few more imperfections in your head, but this is a process and you should judge the results at the finish line. The next time you feel eyes on you, just think “well, I’ve got to start somewhere!”

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#2: Also, No One Cares

Think about the last time you had a problem. How many strangers overheard and offered their condolences? Better yet, who took time out of their day to help? The answer is no one because people don’t care. As heartless as this sounds, it has its pros at the gym. Other gym-goers are too busy trying to beat their personal best to look and laugh. As tempting as it is to think it is the case, there is no one staring.

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#3: Choose The Perfect Establishment

You can do this in a variety of ways. The first is to opt for a gym that specializes in a family atmosphere. In short, you want an Average Joes rather than a Globo Gym. Peter LaFleur is much more likely to spur you on and make you feel good than White Goodman. Dodgeball fans will get the reference. Or, you can avoid the crowds by picking Club Fitness. As they are open 24 hours, there’s no reason to join the rat race at 6 in the afternoon. Instead, chill out and wait until 9 or 10 pm when the crowds are not as full.

#4: Blast Music

Without earbuds, you can hear everything everyone has got to say. Even if they don’t mention you, it’s as if you’re on tenterhooks waiting for a rude comment. This attitude only heightens anxiety levels and makes you self-conscious. By listening to music, you can block out the rest of the room and focus on one thing: fitness. Plus, the right tunes will fill you with confidence. Beyonce, or Queen B, is pretty awesome for this reason.

So, the question is, moms – are you over yourselves?

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