Dr. James L. Jewell, MD – Stretch Mark Reduction Specialist in Rock Hill, SC

Dr. James L. Jewell, MD – Stretch Mark Reduction Specialist in Rock Hill, SC

Stretch marks are a normal side effect of pregnancy and weight changes. While stretch marks are not dangerous to your health, there are noninvasive procedures available to minimize their manifestation. Dr. James L. Jewell, MD, is a board-certified Rock Hill stretch mark reduction physician who provides innovative solutions using advanced laser technologies at Jewell Family & Elder Medicine PA.

Causes of stretch marks

When your skin is overstretched too fast or too far, stretch marks usually occur due to pregnancy or massive weight changes. The changes that occur in your skin when it stretches results in breaks in the elastin and collagen, both of which are crucial for healthy and vibrant skin.

Damage to the elastin and collagen cause noticeable stripes of discolored skin – which are commonly known as stretch marks. These stripes may appear dark brown, purple, or even red, and you might feel depressed or raised areas of your tissue. For some individuals with substantial stretch marks, lasting itchiness develops in the stretches.

Apart from weight fluctuations, you can get stretch marks as a result of underlying medical problems, such as Cushing’s disease and other hormone-related issues.

When Should you consider stretch mark treatment?

While many people have some mild stretch marks on some areas of the body, those with moderate to severe stretch marks might be bothered by the appearance of their skin or persistent itchiness.

Your Jewell Family & Elder Medicine PA physician can examine the overall health of your skin to ascertain the best treatment plan for your stretch marks. Your doctor develops a treatment plan that centers on minimizing skin itchiness and reducing the appearance of discolored stripes on your skin.

Treating stretch marks

At first, you might try home remedies to enhance skin moisture and reduce the appearance of moderate and mild stretch marks. While some individuals might successfully get rid of stretch marks using over-the-counter creams and lotions, laser stretch mark reduction would be more effective.

Your Jewell Family & Elder Medicine PA provider uses the Icon laser system to deliver heat energy that breaks down the stripes of discolored tissue. Over time, these stretch marks start fading, and the body starts producing new and healthy collagen to replace the damaged cells.

The development of new collagen makes the skin smoother, younger-looking, and more evenly textured. The results can last for several years with the right diet, regular exercise, and the right skincare routine.

What is the recommended number of treatments for stretch mark reduction?

Depending on how severe your stretch marks are, you might need four to eight treatments to successfully accomplish your desired outcome. Your provider will create a personalized course of treatment that addresses your distinctive needs based on your current situation and medical history. The physician will discuss the number of treatments you will require during your initial consultation.

If you are tired of seeing stretch marks every time you look at yourself in the mirror, schedule a consultation with the team at Jewell Family & Elder Medicine PA today by calling their offices or booking online.

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