Ease Your Breastfeeding Experience with the Leading Lactation Specialist in Wisconsin

Ease Your Breastfeeding Experience with the Leading Lactation Specialist in Wisconsin

Women have a higher life expectancy compared to men. However, they also experience many health complications that lower their life quality and increase their mortality rate. Apart from their reproductive health issues, women also have increased risk factors in some health conditions including heart disease, stroke, cancer, osteoporosis, among others. Hence, women need quality healthcare to help them achieve their best health goals and live fulfilling lives. Physicians for Women specializes in providing comprehensive gynecology and obstetrics care in Wisconsin. The premier practice provides quality women’s healthcare and is among the best lactation consultant in Madison, WI. Learn more about their services by calling or booking online for an appointment.

Physicians for Women – Melius, Schurr & Cardwell is a reputable OB/GYN practice that excels in providing top standard care for women in and around Madison. With over two decades of experience, the physicians at Physicians for Women, focus on providing the best care for women throughout every stage of their life. Lactation is among the vital roles of a woman after birth. Physicians for women understand and guide mothers through this stage for successful breastfeeding. Visit them today for unmatched care and level of services.

What is lactation?

Lactation involves the yielding of milk by the mammary glands for breastfeeding. Lactation can be challenging and frustrating, especially for new moms.

At Physicians for Women, they have experienced midwives that look forward to helping you with your breastfeeding. Allison Scholl, one of the midwives, is a board-certified lactation consultant certified by the International Board of Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC). It is usually challenging during the first two weeks of breastfeeding. The friendly and caring team understands and aims at providing you with the best support to empower and make it easy for you.

The highly skilled team and lactation specialists provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for new moms to learn and gain confidence in lactation. For a successful breastfeeding experience, you need a good breastfeeding support team.

What are the benefits of lactation appointments?

A lactation appointment is essential in your breastfeeding journey, especially if you are a new mom. It will help:

  •       Get your questions answered
  •       Feel confident about breastfeeding your child
  •       Find out about additional community resources

What are the concerns addressed in a lactation appointment?

During the consultation, your provider will provide customized care for your specific needs including:

  •       Breast infection
  •       Nipple soreness
  •       Difficulty latching baby
  •       Plugged ducts
  •       Engorgement
  •       Concerns about making too much or too little milk

Physicians for Women also guide you on nutritious diets to help you with your lactation. They may also advise on helpful lifestyle modifications that will make your experience better and successful.

What are the benefits of breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding helps you to bond with your child. It also helps strengthen the baby’s immune system through milk. Breastfeeding enhances your uterus to return to its original size more quickly; hence, lowering the bleeding after birth. Also, it helps one lose weight gained during pregnancy.

To sum up, lactation is the act of milk production through the mammary glands. A lactation appointment at Physicians for Women will guide you through your breastfeeding journey, provide support, and help make your experience rewarding and less challenging. Visit them today for the excellent care you can trust.

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