Looking To Live Off Grid? Move To Utah!

Looking To Live Off Grid? Move To Utah!

It is more attractive than ever to get away from it all and find a place off-grid to live. You can leave the stress of the city behind and do your own thing and live on your own terms. It isn’t easy, but being self-sufficient is a great way of life for a lot of people.

The US is a really big country, and you have loads of choices when it comes to finding the perfect off-grid location. Utah should be high on your list, however as it ticks a lot of the boxes that people living off-grid look for. 

There are mountains, valleys, and lots of rivers and lakes that are all attractive areas to set up your off grid house. Some places are very remote so you will need to stop by some Chevrolet dealers in Utah to get set up with a pick-up to make sure that you can get around. 

There are very few downsides and lots of upsides to living in Utah so let’s take a look at some of the reasons it’s an ideal off-grid destination.

Great potential for solar

Being off-grid means setting up an alternative energy source. The most popular option is solar power, of course. Luckily, Utah is one of the best states to set up a solar power system as there is a lot of sunlight hours per year. 

There are also some limitations in states as to how much metering on solar you can have for a residential property. Utah is one that gives a generous allowance at 25 kW. They also allow for a $2,000 tax credit making it even more attractive.

The bottom line is that you will likely be able to generate most of your energy needs with solar and at a good price if you decide to move to Utah.

Easy access to cities

Usually living off-grid doesn’t mean that you are isolated from the outside world completely. It’s just a way to live a self-sufficient life and not depend on the whims of neighbors or local communities bylaws.

With this in mind, Utah does well in this regard as you still have access to small and medium-sized cities so you can work without a long commute or do shopping or entertainment. The nice thing is how close to nature these cities are so you are never too far away while feeling like you are in another world when you get home. 

Good gardening potential

Being self-sufficient means growing your own food. And it is very easy to grow a garden that supplies much of your nutrients for a family without needing to go to the supermarket. The growing zones in Utah range from 9a which means you can pretty much grow most produce year-round, to 4a which is more limited but generally is up in the mountains. 

If you find a good middle ground, you can grow just about anything including some types of citrus trees and lots of warm-weather vegetables. 

Image attribution:  pexels.com

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