Sun, Fun, and Games: Your Ultimate Beach Entertainment Guide

Sun, Fun, and Games Your Ultimate Beach Entertainment Guide

For many, summer at the beach is the epitome of relaxation – especially for busy families looking to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and kick back by the sea. No wonder that beach holidays are the preferred form of vacation, chosen by 66% of families!

But if you prefer to be more active, without engaging activities, even a day under the sun can feel monotonous or even boring! That’s where getting to your sun umbrella well-prepared and with plenty of entertainment options can help you make the most of your day! 

Whether you’re with family, friends, or alone, these simple entertainment options will make your beach time enjoyable and memorable. Let’s get started!

Beach Volleyball

Some essentials to bring to the beach include good sunscreen, a towel, plenty of water for hydration, and snacks – but, don’t forget about bringing a beach volleyball with you! Not only does this take up minimal space when deflated, but it can be a great way to stay active while enjoying the ocean breeze!

A game of volleyball is perfect for small groups and families. You can set it up by taking advantage of public courts and nets – or, you can just make up the rules and play in the shallow water!

Building Sandcastles 

Sandcastle building is often considered an activity for kids – but don’t let these misconceptions fool you! Building a castle or other structures can be an excellent way to keep busy while at the beach and put your engineering skills to the test. Plus, this activity will test your patience when the waves, inevitably, will bring down your work of art!

Frisbee Toss

If you are looking to travel light to the beach, a must-have is a frisbee. This disc takes up minimal space and can be easily carried in the car or beach bag. However, when you are at the beach, nothing becomes more engaging than a game of frisbee! Depending on your preferences, you can consider playing alone to practice your toss and accuracy, or in group. 

Paddle Ball

Paddle ball is a beach classic! This game is both easy to play and endlessly fun – and, of course,  all you need are two paddles and a rubber ball (which can often be purchased at stands and shops close to the beach, in case you left your set at home!). 

The goal is simple: hit the ball back and forth without letting it touch the ground. This activity is great for improving hand-eye coordination and can be played with as many people as you like – and, yes, even competitively!


Sudoku is a perfect way to engage your mind while relaxing by the sea – especially if you are not one for group activities or sports! You can play by downloading a sudoku app on your phone or by bringing a sudoku book. This puzzle is easy to transport and set up. You’ll learn the rules in a flash, but you’ll need concentration and focus to solve the most difficult levels! Plus, sharpening your logic skills while enjoying the ocean view is a win-win.

Crosswords and Other Puzzles

Crosswords and other puzzles are excellent for keeping your mind active – even when you are relaxing by the beach. Besides providing solo fun, these puzzles also offer a range of science-backed benefits, including: 

  • Boosting creativity
  • Improving memory
  • Enhancing concentration
  • Reducing stress
  • Strengthening problem-solving skills

Card Games

Card games are perfect for adding a social element to your beach day! Bring a deck of cards and enjoy classics like Go Fish, Crazy Eights, or Poker. These games require minimal space and can be played under your beach umbrella. 

Plus, you won’t be limited by how many people will join your party! In fact, card games are versatile and can accommodate various group sizes, making them ideal for family gatherings or friendly competitions!


What’s better than enjoying a good book with the lullaby of the waves in the background? Whether you are a fan of mysteries and thrillers, or you prefer to feed your romantic soul with a captivating love story, reading is just the perfect beach activity – and, of course, it allows you to catch up with your “to-be-read” list! Whether you  prefer to read an old-school paper-and-ink book or you’ve transitioned to e-readers, this is a great activity that relaxes the mind while also sharpening concentration and focus. 

Kite Flying

Kite flying adds a dash of excitement and color to your beach day! Whether you are visiting the beach with kids or looking to set up a kite flying competition with your friends, this activity is great for both kids and adults! 

These are just some of the activities you can enjoy by the sea. But more importantly, this list teaches us something: enjoying the beach doesn’t have to be monotonous – with the right activities you can guarantee a fun and engaging day out with your family and friends!

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