Moving to Tulsa? Household Pests & Solutions

Moving to Tulsa? Household Pests & Solutions

Tulsa is a vibrant city that sits on the Arkansas River in the State of Oklahoma and if you are planning to relocate in Tulsa, here is a list of potential invaders to your new home, plus remedies to keep your living space clean and hygienic.

  • Rodents – They seem to be everywhere, don’t they? Signs include tell-tale scuffling sounds usually heard as the creatures run along skirting boards, doing their best to blend in with the surroundings. Droppings are another sign of rodent occupation; call in the best mouse exterminator in Tulsa and get rid of these annoying creatures once and for all.
  • Termites – Old wooden properties are prime hunting grounds for termites; the subterranean termite is the most damaging, with 3 forms namely reproductive royalty (kings and queens), workers and soldiers. If they are left to their own devices, they can eat their way through your home; if you notice wood dust in small circles, it is time to call in the Tulsa pest control company.
  • Hornets – This is one creature to avoid at all costs; there have been fatal cases where young kids have disturbed a hornet’s nest; they like to nest in high trees and are known to use attics as a nesting location. Unless you have successfully tackled a hornet’s nest before, we don’t recommend trying to remove them yourself, rather call in the experts who have all the gear to exterminate the entire swarm.
  • Ants – There are a few ant species native to Oklahoma, namely the carpenter ant, red imported fire ants, sugar ants and pavement ants. A surefire sign is a line of ants travelling to and from a food source; the pest control officer would first identify the species, and then select the best method of extermination.
  • Cockroaches – A very tough and durable insect, the cockroach has been around for many millions of years and for some reason, we are afraid of them, even though they don’t bite. They do, however, carry disease and you are best to call in an expert to deal with cockroach invasions.

The first thing to do when you move in is to arrange a house inspection by a Tulsa-based pest control outfit and let them find out if you have any unwanted tenants.

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