New House Update

New House Update. I’m just two to three weeks of moving into my own home and I couldn’t be more excited.

Now let’s recap how I got to this point.

In 1997 my spine collapsed during an emergency surgery not related to my back.  In 2001 after searching and going thru 17 or more specialists, I finally found one at a sports clinic who agreed to take on my surgery with the knowledge it might not work.  I was bedbound at this time so I didn’t have anything to lose. It failed.

At the time I was a homeowner.

Fast forward thru 6+ years of being bed-bound following the failed back surgery, I decided I was going to get up despite the pain it would cause me.  So, starting off with 20 seconds or less at a time, I’d sit up.  I’d scream and say words no one should even know, but I stuck to it.

This went on for years.

When I was able to start taking care of my own home and hygiene, I moved into an apartment.  I knew I couldn’t keep my home, even though it was paid for, because of the amount of acreage I had and because I couldn’t do any upkeep on it while focusing on my own health.

Fast forward once again.

22 years later and I’m now able to shop for short periods of time, sitting is still so painful so I avoid it whenever possible, I can walk short distances, and I can clean my own home, even though I have to take many many breaks. I can pretty much live a normal life despite my limitations and the pain of being an eight and nine 24/7 after many years of coping.  Ten being the most severe pain ever.

Along came 2023 and I knew I was at the point physically where I would be able to become a homeowner again and deal with all of the codes and city ordinances that come along with that.  Although not a large home, and not a large lawn.

So I wouldn’t have to travel back and forth with my aching back, after deciding I was going to move closer to most of my family, my family went around taking photos and videos of homes available in their area, and I picked out a house that felt like home.  Thank you to everyone who has helped and especially my sister Kathy.

Unfortunately, it was quickly scooped up right after going on the market. I was so disappointed.  The other homes were too large for what I felt like I could conquer and I put everything on hold.  And then, God heard my prayers and it went back on the market.  Just like that.

Fast forward and everything went smoothly, it even closed early, and I started packing. I have two sisters and their families, a daughter, SIL, grandkids, and my mom, within minutes of my new home.

My new home is a reasonable 1,230 sq ft with a small but large enough lawn to keep me busy outdoors and give my pets plenty of playroom and trees to climb.

There were/are changes that had to happen before I can move it to suit my style and my physical limitations.

I wanted a tin (metal) roof so I wouldn’t have to worry about shingles coming off during a storm.  The less I have to worry about upkeep, the easier the transition will be to handling life as a homeowner again, where maintenance will once again become my responsibility.

New House Update

And I wanted a fresh outdoor look with pure white vinyl siding.  There’s also a lot of brick on it but they’re in great shape and I’m still debating on painting them dark gray or black within the next few years.  Right now I’m enjoying the contrast of them against the white siding.   So fresh, so crisp.

New House Update

I picked out some beautiful gray ceramic tile flooring and then at the last minute I changed my mind and picked out something totally different.  But it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, right?  I was worried that walking on the hard ceramic floor would do more damage to my back so I decided against it.  I want my adventure to succeed and not cause any backward healing.

New House Update

A laundry room was added. I should say closet.  A laundry closet was added, much like the one I have in my current apartment.

The bathroom was enlarged by a spec and a skip.

An enormous master bedroom closet was added that’s about the same sq ft as the smallest room in my new apartment.

New ceiling.

New appliances.

Fresh white paint throughout the house.  What could be fresher than white?

New House Update

I won’t have to worry about having pets in an apartment anymore.  The majority of apartments don’t allow them.   I worry daily that the owner here will discover my kitties and kick me to the curb. And let me tell you, I have cats galore that I inherited after someone dropped them off in the woods beside me.  How could I not feed them and care for them?  And of course, you all know Peanut, my emotional support barking little Chihuahua.

At some point, I’m going to add a few chickens to the mix.

New House Update

So back to moving in.

After a slight two-week setback, the builders have stated that everything is going as planned at this time and we’re back on a realistic time frame that works for both of us.  As with any renovations, there’s generally something that comes up unexpectedly.  The problem is now solved and we’re trucking onward.

New House Update

I’ll be moving in just two to three weeks.

I wish I could bottle up how excited I’m feeling.

I look forward to this new chapter in my life and sharing my gardening adventures as well as all of the DIY projects I’ve got lined up, with all of you.

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