How To Find Suitable Accommodation When Living With a Disability In Australia

How To Find Suitable Accommodation When Living With a Disability In Australia

It doesn’t matter what your current circumstances are in this life because everyone in Australia is entitled to a safe place to stay that is both comfortable and easy to get in and out of. If you have a disability or there is someone in your life that you care about that has one then finding the right kind of accommodation choice is not as easy as many would think. We have come on leaps and bounds here in Australia over the past quarter of a century with regard to creating suitable living conditions for people with disabilities but we still have a way to go.

The good news is that you can always get disability short-term accommodation and that’s okay for a little while but what about when you want to find somewhere more permanent so that you can lay your hat and call it home? The first thing that you need to understand is your legal rights as someone with a disability and once you have this knowledge behind you, things become easier. The following are just some ways to help you find suitable accommodation when living with your disability in Australia.

  • Make the changes that you need – You will have some unique needs depending on your disability and so it is perfectly reasonable that you would want to make your living space more comfortable and fit for purpose. Many landlords do not want you touching the inside of the property at all but you are allowed to make reasonable changes to the space that you reside in. Depending on the type of housing that you want to move into, it’s likely that you will have to cover the cost of doing so.
  • Your landlord needs to be reasonable – It’s important that you have some flexibility when it comes to living in accommodation owned by another person. If you drive a car then it is reasonable to ask for a parking spot that is easily accessible for you. If you have problems with your sight for example then you are allowed to have a service animal even though the landlord may say that no pets are allowed.
  • Always be aware of your rights – This is incredibly important going forward because you do not have to jeopardise your privacy and your comfort just because your landlord wants to know more about your disability. This is none of their business and you are not required to answer their questions with regard to your disability unless you want to. It is reasonable however for them to ask about the changes that you want to make within your accommodation choice.

The important thing is that you find accommodation that you feel comfortable in and that you can live in for the foreseeable future. There are lots of excellent landlords out there who would be more than happy to have you as a tenant and so keep looking around and you will find the ideal home for you.

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