What’s going on with my new house?

What’s going on with my new house?

What’s going on with my new house? Closing is 5/5/2023 and that’s when the fun begins. 6 days and counting.

The first thing my new fixer-up will need is a new roof. I’ve never been a fan of shingles. I love the way they look but I learned from being a previous homeowner that tin is the way to go. It’s the first thing that’s been ordered and it’s ready to go. It lasts forever. Think windows open and the rain hitting that tin. Good sleeping. That’s a wonderfully heavenly thought. And I don’t have to worry about shingles coming loose and having a water leak which is happening here at my apartment.

What’s going on with my new house?

Before the roof comes new rafters. My home is a 1990s ranch-style home and it’s going to need a lot of changes for me to feel comfortable in it because of my back issues, as well as safe in it due to it being an older home.

It probably goes without saying but after getting new rafters, I’ll need a new ceiling. At the moment I’ve not decided what type of ceiling I want.  I want my ceiling to look amazing and modern.

Then comes new electrical wiring. The entire home.  I don’t trust old wiring.  I just don’t.  In my younger days, we lived on a beautiful farm in Pennsylvania, in a valley.  It caught fire and we ended up having to move.  That was a sad time for me and I still think about how much I loved it there, to this day.  It’s important not to take chances or cut corners on home renovations and restorations.

And I need to back up really and start with my lawn. I have my own lawn again and that’s exciting. It’s not as large as the last property I owned because my lawn was one of the reasons I parted ways with that home. With my back issues and because I lived so far away from anything I wasn’t able to continue doing my own lawn care with that many acres and it was hard to find anyone who would come out and do it without charging a ridiculous amount due to the location. So a smaller lawn is great. The lawn will be cleaned up and mowed before anything else is accomplished.  And don’t hate but the rose bed in the front yard has got to go.

Once that’s done, it’s full-on restorations.

After new rafters and a new roof comes a bigger bathroom. The awesome crew that’s going to be working on my home will have to move some walls and make changes, for a larger bathroom. And also because of my back, I’m getting a shower with seating installed.

They’ll also have to make a laundry closet indoors because the washroom that’s currently outdoors is going to become my garden house. DIY projects coming up. It’s going to be the cutest, smallest, tidyest, garden house I’ve/you’ve ever seen. Think sustainable garden. I’m going to need a place to store my garden tools, start seedlings and keep some potted plants alive during winter.

Now back indoors. I need a bigger closet in my room. It’s a large room so there’s more than enough space to build a large sized closet. Women love closet space.

My second bedroom is going to become an extra bedroom for any company but it’s big enough to turn half of it into a craft room for my quilting and crochet projects.

What’s going on with my new house?

Then comes the floors and everything that goes along with making that happen. I haven’t settled on the type and color yet but I have time to keep researching what will be best long term. Because it will be my forever home, every little change I’m making is being made with that in mind.

Other than getting new appliances in the kitchen I’m pretty happy with it as it is. It has more prep space than any previous homes I’ve lived in.  As someone who loves to cook and bake, I couldn’t be happier about that.

Every square inch of walls will be painted. I’ve settled on white because white opens up any area. I have windows galore so the white and the sunshine is going to make me happy.  I love bright spaces. That’s not to say that I won’t add pops of color here and there after I move in and figure out the personality of my new home.

Outdoors I’m having new siding put on and the brick painted. I’ve never been a fan of the look of red brick and modernizing it with paint is a must as far as I’m concerned.  I’m leaning towards a dark gray.  Or black.

Then it’s moving in time. And I have a lot of DIY projects planned to personalize my home and give it the flare and wow factors that I love. Indoors and out.

Let’s talk about outdoor projects.

One of the first projects will be a goldfish pond for my goldfish.  I had one at my previous home but I’m looking for something different this time.

There are woods between myself and my next-door neighbor.  My property is on the end so I only have a neighbor on one side, not both. My SIL has already scoped out the woods and found trees that have fallen that he’s going to remove for me.  Old rotted wood will cause ants and who knows what else.  Although the woods aren’t right next to my home, it’s better to just get rid of the fallen trees. Hopefully, he can turn them into firewood for their fireplace. I plan to plant every shade-loving flower I can find, in my woods, beside and behind my home.  Think “save the bees.”

I also want to add string lights under my carport.  It will have a sitting area under it for drinking my coffee, having tea time, and dragging my laptop outdoors to blog.

I’m also going to create a little patio for my fire pit under a big tree in my backyard and I’m planning to add ledges and cat houses to that tree as well.  That’s going to be a fun project for my furbabies. I don’t want anything fancy when it comes to my patio, just a small slab with the below type of stone, Adirondack chairs, and potted scented herbs and flowers.

What's going on with my new house?

As mentioned above a sustainable garden is going to happen as well, although it will be autumn, or possibly spring of 2024, before I can start it.

I’ve narrowed down my color choices for my external doors.  Including the garden house, there will be 3 outdoor doors.  I’ll share my color choices with you soon, for your opinion.

So, follow along as I continue to add updates. If you have any suggestions please let me know. I’m especially looking for tips on my goldfish pond and my first in-ground sustainable garden, but any tips will be appreciated.

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  1. Thank you. I’ll be starting a new series on here so you can follow along if you’d like to. I have so many DIY projects in mind that it will take years to complete them all, lol.

  2. I can’t wait to see the finished product. I bet it will be adorable! Congrats on the new house.

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