Non-Invasive Treatment Options To Help You Have A Solid And Long-Lasting Erection

Non-Invasive Treatment Options To Help You Have A Solid And Long-Lasting Erection

Having and sustaining a solid erection is a common sexual dysfunction in men. Unfortunately, you are likely to suffer in silence since talking about your issue could be embarrassing. Erectile dysfunction (ED) could hinder you from enjoying a fulfilling sex life because of an inability to maintain an erection firm enough or long-lasting enough for sexual intercourse. The good news is, your doctor could help you achieve a satisfactory sex life. Apart from penile implants and other surgical techniques, other alternative treatments have nothing to do with injections or medications. Dr. Michael Rotman is an expert urologist specializing in alternative therapies to surgical procedures to cure ED. The non-invasive options will be your best choice if you are tired of popping pills or using oils before sex, or if you fear going in for an operation.  

The non-invasive options offered at the center include:

Erectile dysfunction shockwave therapy

Your penis has a place referred to as corpora cavernosa. In this space, two arteries get filled with blood when you have an erection. During your erection, the arteries will suspend the blood until you ejaculate or reach an orgasm. However, when you have insufficient blood flowing through your penis’ arteries, your penis remains flaccid. To learn more about male enhancement and extension, check out Sizegenetics.  Erectile dysfunction shockwave therapy is a relatively new treatment option for ED, with studies currently underway to determine if it could help treat men with severe ED cases or those with underlying conditions like heart disease or diabetes.

Your urologist will most likely recommend shockwave therapy when:

  •         You are not responsive to medications
  •         You do not want to take prescription medication
  •         You are not ready for regenerative therapy

During the treatment, the professional will use a wand-like device around your penis’s various parts. The handheld probe will release specific amounts of shockwaves set by your doctor for some time. The therapy’s gentle pulses will trigger new blood vessel growth through a process referred to as angiogenesis. As a result, you will experience a boost in your penile blood flow, enhancing your erectile function.  Alternately, you may want to purchase a Male Edge traction device.

The therapy can significantly improve your erection quality with or without medication. Your doctor will advise you to go for longer treatments if you want to experience the best results, however. After your doctor has completed this treatment, you will feel a tingling sensation on your penis which will fade after a short while. Since the process has no downtime, you could resume your sexual life on the same day you received treatment. However, optimal results won’t be experienced for several months after various shockwave appointments.    

How will you know that you are eligible for penile shockwave therapy?

Your doctor will recommend shockwave therapy if you have moderate to mild ED and are also responsive to PDE5 inhibitors. Unfortunately, the treatment might fail to work if you have nerve damage resulting from pelvic cancer surgery treatments or those linked to psychological problems.

Though erectile dysfunction could be an embarrassing subject to discuss with others, it is likely to negatively affect your sexual life. Be sure to contact your urologist today to discuss how you can bounce back the fun in your intimacy with penile shockwave therapy.    

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